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How Much Does Weatherstripping Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Energy Efficiency > How Much Does Weatherstripping Cost?
How Much Does Weatherstripping Cost?

Weatherstripping can increase the energy efficiency of doors and windows by improving their seal against cold air. A number of types of weatherstripping can reduce drafts in your home, with a few factors contributing to installation rates. Your contractor can help you select materials that are appropriate for your application and determine how the features of your home may contribute to the cost of the project.

Average Prices

New and Replacement Weatherstripping

Installation procedures vary with different types of weatherstripping, with some materials mounted on integrated adhesives, and others attached with staples or nails. The preparation requirements for your job may also vary with the condition of doors and windows and the presence of any existing weatherstripping material. New installations generally require little prep work and cost an average of $168 in the U.S., while removing old material and cleaning a site to install replacement weatherstripping may cost $242.


Installation Locations

Weatherstripping is beneficial when installed on most doors and windows, since gaps around them allow for air leakage and drafts. The size, shape, and location of your doors and windows may contribute to the difficulty of installing weatherstripping, though the type of application is generally a good indicator of the time and material needed for the job. Fitting a garage door typically costs about $87 nationally, compared to $68 for exterior doors, $132 for interior doors, and $187 for windows. Installing weatherstripping throughout your entire home may cost $248, depending on the number of doors and windows to service and the equipment needed to access installation sites.


Installing Weatherstripping on Multiple Doors or Windows

Installing weatherstripping is typically an uncomplicated project for your contractor, so it may be cost effective for you to have several doors or windows upgraded during a single visit. An installation on one to five interior doors costs an average of $94 versus $137 for five to ten and $182 for more than 10. Likewise, it may cost $64 to install weatherstripping on a single exterior door, or $87 for two, $102 for three, $122 for four, and $141 for five doors. Though their accessibility may influence installation rates, servicing one to five windows costs about $103 compared to $279 for fitting five to ten windows, $382 for 10 to 15, $507 for 15 to 20, and $619 for more than 20 windows.


Home Size

Though your choice of applications will contribute to the demands of the job, the overall size of your home can be a good indicator of weatherstripping installation costs. Installing weatherstripping on doors and windows in a small home of about 1000 square feet may cost $192, while installation rates average $246 for a 1000-1500 sq. ft. house, $397 for a 1500-2000 sq. ft. home, $448 for 2000-2500 sq. ft., and $602 for homes larger than 2500 sq. ft.


Building Height

Since accessing windows on upper levels of your home may call for the use of ladders, lifts, or staging, the overall height of the building may be a consideration in pricing your installation. Fitting weatherstripping on a single story home costs an average of $176, while it may cost $211 for a two-story building, $407 for three levels, $516 for four, and $603 for a five-floor building. Your contractor can decide whether it will be necessary to access your windows from the interior, exterior, or both to determine if their height will affect the difficulty of the job.


Supplying Materials for Installation

Though produced in a wide variety of styles, weatherstripping materials are available at hardware stores and home centers, making it convenient to select and supply the materials for your installation. If you choose to supply weatherstripping for your contractor to install, labor to complete the job may cost about $152. Total costs average $283 for those who prefer to have their contractor select appropriate materials and supply them at the time of installation.


Planning for Weatherstripping Installation

Installing weatherstripping is a simple and economical way to improve efficiency and comfort in your home, and to help lower heating and cooling costs. Discuss the size, features, and condition of your doors and windows with your contractor to select the most effective materials for your home and to plan an efficient installation.

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