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How Much Does Wet Bar Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Carpentry > How Much Does Wet Bar Installation Cost?
How Much Does Wet Bar Installation Cost?

A wet bar is a convenient addition to your home’s entertaining spaces, providing a functional serving area that both minimizes traffic in the kitchen and adds an attractive focal point to a dining, game, or living room. The features and finishes you select for your wet bar influence the overall cost of the project, as well as its location and the level of site preparation required for the job.

Average Prices

Installing or Renovating a Wet Bar

A wet bar is more than a mere serving area; with an incorporated sink, cabinetry, and appliances, the bar can serve as a fully functional prep, serving, and cleaning station. The plumbing and wiring requirements of your wet bar may call for extensive upgrades to its location. The accessibility and condition of electrical and plumbing systems may influence the cost of installation, as well as related repairs to walls, ceilings, or floors. Due to the extent of renovations involved, installing a new wet bar cost an average of $1443, nationally. If your project involves replacing or updating an existing wet bar, considerably less preparation may be needed, bringing costs closer to $282.


Bar Size

Whether or not your wet bar includes custom cabinetry, high-end appliances, dramatic lighting, and luxury fixtures, its overall size will influence the cost of the project. The main feature, or bar itself, defines the scale of the overall installation, and should be designed carefully to complement its location. Average installation rates vary from $208 for wet bars 4' or less to $382 for 4’-8’ bars, $648 for 8'-12' installations, and $1224 for a bar longer than 12'.


Installing a Sink in Your Wet Bar

A distinctive element of your wet bar is its sink, whether you select a utilitarian basin and faucet for prep and clean-up, or a unit that serves as a design feature itself. Since installing a sink requires connections to your home’s water supply, ventilation, and waste lines, the process can be complex. The accessibility and condition of plumbing will influence the expense of incorporating a sink in the wet bar project, which can range from $423 to $815.


Appliance Installations in a Wet Bar

A number of fixtures and devices can improve the usefulness of your wet bar, from a wine cooler or microwave to a dishwasher or ice maker. Your preferences and entertaining style can help determine what types of appliances are practical for you, but throughout the country, refrigerators are a feature of most wet bars. Their size, location, and power or plumbing requirements may influence the complexity of installation, though overall wet bar costs average $568 with the installation of a fridge. Also popular in wet bars are integrated beer taps, which vary from dedicated refrigerator systems to sophisticated draft towers. Completing your wet bar with a beer tap may cost $892, based on national project costs.


Bar Top Materials

While your bar will certainly have a number of useful and admirable features, the bar surface itself is often the focal point of the entire installation. A variety of countertop materials can help define the character of the bar area, whether elegant, casual, or traditional. Installing a wet bar with a granite top may cost $1214, compared to $962 for tile, and $817 for a wood top.


Planning for Your Wet Bar

Your wet bar may provide a convenient addition for your family room or an essential feature for regularly entertaining guests. A number of options in design and features can make the area a valuable improvement to your home. Give careful consideration to your expected usage of the wet bar to plan ahead for practical appliances, fixtures, lighting, cabinetry, and materials. Your contractor can help you determine how the location of your bar may influence the complexity and expense of plumbing, wiring, and construction for your project.

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