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How Much Does a Window Covering Installation Job Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > How Much Does a Window Covering Installation Job Cost?
How Much Does a Window Covering Installation Job Cost?

A wide variety of window coverings can improve lighting, privacy and efficiency in your home while enhancing or changing the design of an entire room. Professional window covering installation can ensure your window treatments are installed properly and without damage to the walls and trim of your home. The size, type, and location of your window treatments will help determine the difficulty of installation, so consider the characteristics of both your home and your selected coverings when planning for installation.

Average Prices


Window blinds are available in a number of styles and materials to suit a number of window and door sizes. Whether vertical or horizontal, wood, vinyl, and aluminum blinds offer flexibility to control both lighting and privacy. Most blinds are installed with standard tools using brackets mounted on the window’s frame or trim, or on the surrounding wall. The size and type of blind units may affect the cost of installation, which typically ranges from $84 to $247 in the U.S.



Like blinds, interior shutters can help improve lighting and privacy, and may improve the comfort of a room by helping to block cold drafts or heat from the sun’s rays. Shutters add a substantial design element to your home since they are fully visible both open and closed. Your installer may mount shutters directly to your window frame or trim, or may install a frame from which to attach shutter hinges. Depending on the style of your shutters and the condition of the mounting surface, your installation may cost between $143 and $418.



Drapes are a popular decorative window covering, whether they are understated curtains or part of an elaborate window treatment installation. Various styles of drapes have specific installation requirements, but typically require mounting brackets and rods from which to hang panels. A simple drapery installation using a basic rod may cost $73 while it could cost as much as $191 for fitting additional hardware for layering or mounting a traverse rod for opening and closing drapes with a pulley system.



Shades provide a low-profile option for window coverage, whether to improve lighting, temperature, or privacy in any application. Styles range from simple solid fabrics to insulating cellular materials and stylish pleated and roman shades. Mechanisms may include pulleys and rollers, with options to open and close shades from the top down, bottom up, or with vertical panels. Installing shades is similar to other types of window coverings, with rates averaging to $87 for most styles and to $92 for roller shades.


Number of Treatments Installed

The overall scope of your window covering installation will affect project costs. Though the equipment and set up requirements of the job may increase with its size, a minimum service charge may make it cost effective to install multiple units at one time. Your installer can determine how the specific number, style, and location of your window coverings contribute to total costs, but rates generally average to $68 to install a single unit. Small projects involving multiple windows or rooms may cost $89 for two, $103 for three, $117 for four, and $131 for five units. Larger scale projects may take several hours to complete and cost about $158 for six windows, $188 for seven, $204 for eight, $231 for nine, and $274 to install ten window coverings.


Planning for Window Covering Installation

A number of factors may affect the cost of your window covering installation, from the style and size of each unit to the location, number, and condition of mounting sites. Special skills, techniques, or equipment needed to install custom window treatments, remove existing units, or safely work on exceptionally large or high windows may increase the expense of your project. Discuss the features of both your home and window coverings with your installer to plan for an efficient, lasting installation.

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