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How Often Should I Restain My Deck?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Deck & Porch > How Often Should I Restain My Deck?
How Often Should I Restain My Deck?

The deck in most homes is visible from the curb or garden. Additionally, many people spend a consider amount of time in the warmer months on the deck either with their families or entertaining friends and relatives. However, a deck that has become lackluster because of its exposure to the elements and wear and tear can take away from the cheerful and fun ambience that you need to relax on it. Moreover, when the sealer on the deck no longer protects it, the wood can become damaged more quickly because of mildew, warping, cupping, splintering, and cracking.


However, you can simply sprinkle water on your deck and see if it is absorbed quickly or beads up to decide whether your deck needs restaining. If the water is absorbed quickly, you need to restain the deck, if it beads up, you should conduct the test after six months.

  1. 1.The Benefits of Restaining Your Deck

    When you restain your deck you will be applying a protective layer of sealant to the wood. This will ensure that moisture does not penetrate into the grain of the wood or the cracks. The sealant will help prevent the formation of mildew and cracks or warping. Additionally, restaining the deck will help to restore the color of the wood in areas where it has faded. Moreover, restaining the wood will help bring out the grain and color of the wood and ensure that your deck looks new. A bright looking deck will make your home look well maintained and ensure that friends and relatives are impressed with the ambience in your home.

  2. 2.Exposure to the Sun

    One of the main causes of damage to the wooden deck is exposure to the sun. This causes the deck to fade in patches and spots, making the color look uneven. The exposure to the sun will dry the wood and make it more brittle causing it to splinter and crack more easily when people use the deck. This means that the deck will not be able to withstand the rigors of normal wear. This damage to the deck from exposure to the sun can be prevented by restaining the deck periodically.

  3. 3.Transparent Stains

    Transparent stains are available in water based and oil based mixes. The water based transparent stains are easier to apply, but the oil based ones last longer. These transparent stains are used when the deck is made of cedar or red wood. The transparent stains allow the inherent grain and color of the wood come through and provide a incredible ambience on the deck. However, these stains last for only a year and you have to be prepared to restain your deck each year.

  4. 4.Semitransparent Stains

    Semitransparent stains are also available in water based and oil based mixes. These stains last longer – for between two and three years. They are fabulous for almost all wooden decks. The semitransparent stains provide a light color tint to the wooden deck and help cover any damage to the deck. This ensures that a deck that has been used for many years and been sanded and cleaned looks bright and new for a few more years. The semitransparent stains are of marvelous use in high traffic areas and decks.

  5. 5.Solid Stains

    Sometimes, it is better to use solid stains to cover certain parts of the deck such as the handrails and benches. The solid stains will provide a burst of color to the deck and totally cover up the grain of the wood and any blemishes on it. However, solid stains are prone to peeling and flaking if used in high traffic areas. As such they are not recommended to be used on the floor of the deck that will experience a lot of wear and tear as people move around on it, drag furniture across it, and so on.

  6. 6.Sealers

    Before you apply a stain on your deck you need to clean it thoroughly. After removing the dust and grime from the deck as well as the mildew, you need to clean all the crack and joints. Next all the uneven patches on the deck should be sanded and the splinters and cracks mended. Finally, you need to apply a sealant on the deck to protect the wood. Most commercial sealant takes two days to dry completely, but can thicken quickly. So, if possible take the help of another person to help you spread the sealant quickly and evenly. Once the sealant is dry, the satin should also be applied with the help of another person.

  7. 7.Have Your Deck Restained with Pro Referral

    Restaining a deck is a time consuming task that also requires a lot of elbow grease. The deck has to be cleared of all furniture and the plants around it watered and covered with plastic to protect them. The deck should then be cleaned and sanded before being repaired. Instead of trying to find the time for all of these tasks, you can simply register your requirements with Pro Referral to get your deck stained.

A clean and restained deck will make it more welcoming for the entire family to spend summer mornings and evenings on it. Besides, the restained deck can be used to host parties, making summers a lot more enjoyable.


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