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How to Prevent Mice in Your Home

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Extermination > How to Prevent Mice in Your Home
How to Prevent Mice in Your Home

There’s nothing cute about mice when they’re living in your home with you. Although these rodents are very small, they can create excessive damage to a home. In addition, they can multiply quickly to large numbers in a short time.


If you hear unusual sounds during the night or notice your pets acting strangely, you may have mice in your home, according to the New York State Department of Health. Left uncontrolled, mice can cause damage to stored food, furniture, books and building materials in your walls, ceilings and floors. In addition, mice present in your home can cause health issues for humans.


With diligent control measures, you can prevent mice in your home. Stringent mouse control should keep your house free of mice.

  1. When it’s time to dispose of dead mice, always wear gloves and then disinfect the trap with diluted chlorine bleach before using it again.


    Mice are attracted to food sources and due to their small size, they don’t need much food to survive. If you regularly leave untidy food crumbs around or stored food open where mice have access to it, they will find your home quite attractive.


    Cleanliness and attention to details won’t necessarily prevent or eliminate a mouse infestation, but a messy house could definitely bring in the mice in large numbers. It’s also important to ensure that you don’t leave debris around to shelter mice in your home. When they have many places to hide and nest, mice will thrive in a home.

  2. 2.Home Construction

    It doesn’t take large cracks and crevices to enable mice to gain entry into a home. When you seal all openings larger than ¼ inch, you can effectively prevent them from entering your home. Make an effective compound for sealing cracks by combining caulk with shredded steel wool. Apply the compound to cracks with a putty knife.


    Seal all cracks in the foundation as well as around all vents and plumbing pipes. Install all windows and screens properly to eliminate openings. If you experience issues with mice gnawing and chewing through sealants, cover edges with metal to prevent this from occurring. Mice will readily chew through wood, plastic and rubber materials.

  4. 3.Traps

    If you find mice in your home, trapping can help you control the mouse population. Trapping is an effective method of eliminating mice because it does not involve the use of poisonous bait and it enables you to dispose of the dead carcasses to prevent odors from decay.


    Old-fashioned mousetraps that snap closed over the mouse are both effective and inexpensive. Bait these traps with cookie dough, peanut butter or even a piece of cured meat. Set the trap and place it in areas where you know mice are active – near walls, behind furniture and in dark areas where mice feel safe scurrying about.


    Another option for trapping mice would be glue boards that trap and prevent mice from running away. When it’s time to dispose of dead mice, always wear gloves and then disinfect the trap with diluted chlorine bleach before using it again. Place the dead mouse into a plastic bag and seal the bag tightly. Double-bag the dead mouse and place it into the trash. Remove your gloves, dispose of them and then wash your hands well.


    With diligence and effort, you can prevent and eradicate mice from your home.

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