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How to Price a Carpet Stain Removal Job

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Carpeting > How to Price a Carpet Stain Removal Job
How to Price a Carpet Stain Removal Job

Ugh. There are few things in the life of a homeowner that are more frustrating than an ugly carpet stain that just won’t go away. It stands out to you every time you walk into the room. It’s ugly, blotchy and doesn’t match the rest of the carpet. Even if no one else notices, you notice. You’ve tried scrubbing, soaking and even considered lighting the darn thing on fire – but now it’s time to call in a professional.


But before you pick up the phone, you should think about your wallet. How much, exactly, will this job cost? Is it even worth it to hire a pro? I’ll try to answer these questions and more with this guide: how to price a carpet stain removal job.

  1. Ugh. There are few things in the life of a homeowner that are more frustrating than an ugly carpet stain that just won’t go away.

    1.Why is it important to price a carpet stain removal job?

    It’s important to price this kind of job because your money is valuable – so you should be careful with it. Whenever you spend any amount of money on your home, you should make yourself informed about what you are investing in and why. Walking into this situation with your eyes shut can open you up to getting taken advantage of, but with just a little research you can easily become a smart and savvy consumer.

  2. 2.What kind of stain is it?

    All stains are not created equal – what kind of stain (or stains) are you dealing with? Whether your stain is from pets, food, motor oil, etc. means it may require different degree of difficulty to get up.

  3. 3.Finding carpet cleaning professionals

    You may not have your area’s best, most efficient carpet cleaners already on speed dial – but that’s fine. There are lots of ways to put yourself in contact with a good company. One way is word of mouth. Ask your friends and neighbors if they have ever had their carpets professionally cleaned – and by who. Another way to find a carpet cleaning company is via the Yellow Pages. Sometimes, companies will even offer coupons or special deals on their Yellow Pages ads. Finally, there is the Internet. A quick Google search will probably turn up lots of carpet cleaning services in your area – especially if they have websites. A well-maintained, informative website is actually a good indicator of a well-maintained business. If their site is good, you’ll find answers to a lot of questions you have right there, before you even pick up the phone to call them.

  5. 4.Price Quotes

    During your search for a professional carpet cleaner, don’t just stop after finding one company you like. It’s really in your best interest to find two or three. This way, you’ll have a few options to compare and contrast. Ask them all for quotes and then go with the company that gives you the one that sounds the most reasonable.

  6. 5.What’s the overall condition of the carpet?

    Is it old or smelly? Are there lots of noticeable stains? I ask because, in some cases, it might be better to simply have another carpet installed entirely. Most carpets are pretty durable, but everything gives out eventually. Once you get a few quotes from cleaning professionals, figure out if it’s more cost effective to have it cleaned or just replace the whole thing.


    Arranging a carpet cleaning is a great way to make your home look (and smell) fresh and new. Think it through step-by-step and get the job done the right way!

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