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How to Price a Cracked Window Repair

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > How to Price a Cracked Window Repair
How to Price a Cracked Window Repair

You probably do all that you can to make sure the exterior of your home looks well-maintained and attractive. However, a badly cracked window can make all your hard work go, well, out the window. Broken windows can make other-wise perfectly good homes look abandoned and uncared for. Shards of broken glass can make the area a safety hazard; and a boarded up, empty window can make your heating and air conditioning costs go sky-high.


If you’re smart (and I know you are) you want to get that cracked window fixed – and fast. How? With the help of a trained professional, of course. The first step in this task is figuring out how much you want to spend. You can learn all about that in this guide to how to price a cracked window repair.

  1. Broken windows can make other-wise perfectly good homes look abandoned and uncared for.

    1.What’s your budget?

    Figure out how much you want to pay for the job. Of course, this isn’t as simple as naming a random number, and thinking your contractor will honor it. You have to be smart about it, do some research. Call up a few different professionals. Explain to them what your problem is and what kind of window you need fixed. Ask them to quote you prices. Go online and research the kind of window you have and the kind of crack you have. You may find a lot of information - things like the kind and cost of materials, the average cost of labor - that will help you determine how much you should be paying.

  2. 2.Who is doing the work?

    You might think you can save money by having your hairstylists’-best friends’ brother-in-law come over and fix the window for you, but you could end up paying dearly in the long run. That’s because it really is best to have a trained professional do any kind of work on your home. Pros are usually insured and bonded against any mishaps that could happen while they are on the job. Also, they’re more likely to do a good job that will not only look professional, but last the test of time. You can find a reliable professional by asking friends or neighbors who have experienced a similar issue who they used to fix it. If the company was good, they should have no problem passing along their number to you.

  4. 3.A simple equation

    There is a simple rule of thumb you should remember to help you know about how much a contracted job will cost you. Simply take the amount of time a job will take to complete and multiply that by the hourly rate. Try to remember this when getting quotes from pros you are considering hiring. That’s the beauty of getting more than one quote – if a number seems too high or too low, you’ll know why.


    At first, the idea of pricing the cost to repair a cracked window might sound frustrating or even a little boring – but it doesn’t have to be either. Windows that are clean and in good shape add to your home’s property value. And in these tough economic times, there is no such thing as being too careful of every nickel and dime. Spend your money wisely by staying in the know!

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