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How to Price a Moving Job

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Moving > How to Price a Moving Job
How to Price a Moving Job

When you are preparing to move, there are about a million things you must get done. Whether the move is across the country or across the street – a move can be frustrating, confusing and expensive. How will you pack up all your clothes? When do you shut off the utilities? Where will the dog go during all of this?


One way to start getting organized is by figuring out how much all this will cost you. You can do that by starting with one of the biggest (and probably most expensive) part of the move – the movers. Who will you hire? How much will they cost? Learn how to figure out all that and more with this guide: how to price a moving job.

  1. Whether you are moving within your state or beyond state lines will play a big factor in how much you’re going to pay

    1.Where are you moving?

    Whether you are moving within your state or beyond state lines will play a big factor in how much you’re going to pay. Typically, it will cost more for you to move to another state. Local movers usually charge an hourly rate based on the amount of time they spend working on your move. They could also add in fees based on the distance they’ll be travelling from your old place to your new one. Long-distance moves are a little different, however. Not only will you be charged for the costs associated with travel, but they will charge you based on the weight and volume of all your belongings.

  2. 2.How much – if anything – are you doing yourself?

    Most moving companies offer the option of doing the entire job for you. They’ll bring their own packing materials, pack up your house and then load everything up and bring it to your new place. That’s great – but it’s going to cost you. The more work you do yourself, the less you’ll end up paying someone else to do for you. Of course, if you are super-busy or know that you have no knack for packing, the money you spend on having the work done completely for you might be money well-spent.

  3. 3.How much stuff are you bringing with you?

    It should go without saying that the more stuff you own, the more money you’ll be spending to move it. That means that a single person living in an apartment will probably pay much less than a family of four living in a three-bedroom house. Before your movers give you a price quote, they’ll probably have you take an inventory of everything in your home first.

  5. 4.Be careful who you hire

    Part of what can be confusing about pricing movers is that each company uses its own set of guidelines when it comes to how much they’ll charge. There are a lot of variables when it comes to price. Because this can be kind of murky and confusing, it can leave you vulnerable to shady characters looking to take advantage of you and take your hard earned money. “Most moving companies are legitimate businesses that do quality work,” say officials from the U.S. Department of Transportation. “But in recent years, a growing number of complaints have been filed against interstate movers – and many of those complaints spring from fraudulent practices of a small percentage of dishonest movers known as rogue movers.” Protect yourself from shady companies by making sure the company you use is fully licensed and bonded and by getting a written price quote before they lift their first box.


    Moving can be frustrating but pricing your moving job doesn’t have to be. Be smart and be careful and you’ll be moving on up in no time!

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