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How to Price a Siding Job

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How to Price a Siding Job

When you are updating the outside of your home, you have a variety of options in the siding you choose to install. Depending on your budget and the look you desire, you might choose a standard type of siding or you could opt for something unusual.


Because different siding materials can have vastly different price tags, the price of a siding job depends on the type of siding you choose. The Iowa State University provides a detailed analysis of siding materials and the prices involved with each kind of siding. Once you know how to price a siding job, you’ll be ready to make a decision and move forward with a new siding project on your home.

  1. 1.Request Estimates

    Contracting for siding on a home is a significant project, incurring sizable expense. Because of the size and importance of this work, it’s important to get at least four estimates from different professionals for the installation siding.


    The benefits of receiving multiple estimates include helping you learn about the task involved in installing siding on your home as well as educating you about the average cost to install siding. Once you receive several different price estimates, you’ll be in an ideal position to compare the estimates and assess them.


    High-quality siding contractors shouldn’t fear or discourage estimates from competitors. If a contractor believes in the work performed, then the contractor should also feel confident about competing with other contractors.

  2. Once you receive several different price estimates, you’ll be in an ideal position to compare the estimates and assess them.
  3. 2.Comparing Estimates

    It’s possible that different estimates will have significantly different prices. While you could get a top-notch siding job from the least expensive bidder, it’s also possible that this low-bidding contractor will deliver substandard work or you could even experience an illegal contractor or a scammer.


    Some contractors might be able to bid low if the contractor is just starting in the business and is trying to earn high-quality referrals for future work. It’s also possible that a contractor will bid low during slow periods to get work. In addition, if your house is a simple job, a contractor may not need place a high bid.


    On the other hand, you may receive a variety of bids that are all roughly the same price. If this happens, you’ll have to explore the references and referrals of the contractors to find the one that fits your needs most precisely.


    Contractors who bid high on a project may have good reason. If you select a more expensive siding material such as fiber cement, contractors will submit higher estimates to cover the cost of materials and labor. Houses that require challenging installation work will get higher bids from contractors, too.

  5. 3.Questioning Contractors

    Whatever the prices of the bids you receive, always ask many follow-up questions of the contractors to ensure that you understand the work outlined in the bids and to ensure that the work included in the bids is acceptable.


    Ask about starting and ending dates of the work, materials used, the work crew involved and the price. Find out what additional expenses you may incur in connection with the siding project. With a careful approach and an analytical comparison, you should succeed in finding a contractor who will deliver the siding you want at a price you can afford.

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