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How to Repair Your Sprinkler System

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > How to Repair Your Sprinkler System
How to Repair Your Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems are a great way of saving time and effort when you have a lawn that needs to be watered well regularly. With a timer system in place, you will not even have to worry about switching on the sprinklers at a particular time each day. It will deliver the required amount of water every time and help keep your lawn green and fresh. However, there are chances that someday the sprinkler system is likely to develop some kind of problem.


Most minor sprinkler system problems can be fixed with the help of basic tools like a screwdriver, some strong glue, and nuts and bolts. In some cases a few spare parts may have to be bought to replace the damaged ones like pipes and valves. The first thing to do is determine the sprinkler system problem and then find the appropriate solution.

  1. 1.Broken Heads

    There are many ways in which sprinkler heads can be damaged. One common cause is being hit by lawn mower blades. The head must be extracted with great care to prevent breakage of the threaded connection. A hole will have to be dug around the sprinkler head to allow you to carry out the repair. The head will then have to be unscrewed but the riser must be left in place. Ensure that no dirt can get into the sprinkler line during this time. A new stein may have to be put in and it might be better to place the sprinkler head deeper in the soil to prevent recurrence of such accidents.

  2. 2.Broken Pipes

    Bad wiring can lead to the sprinklers not switching on at the right time.

    The pipes in the sprinkler network can also break due to weather conditions or accidents with gardening equipment. The broken piece of pipe will have to be replaced with a similar one. In the case of PVC pipes, PVC glue and PVC primer may also be required during the repair process. Besides a PVC pipe, you may also need couplers, hose clamps, and pipe cutters.

  3. 3.Stuck Valves

    Identifying a stuck valve is easy—the sprinklers run without stopping at the specified time. There may be some object stuck in the valve which is causing it to malfunction. In some valves the problem may be due to the valve design and it may not open and close properly. The water may have to be switched off before any repairs can be done.

  4. 4.Precipitation Problems

    One sure sign of a precipitation problem is when your normally lush green lawn begins showing brown or dry spots in some places. It might be because the sprinkler heads do not have the right nozzle for proper reach or because the heads are at too far a distance from each other or even because there is something wrong with the timing. If the heads are not right for the amount of lawn they need to cover, you may have to get them replaced. If the warranty is valid, then you may be able to get the faulty ones replaced at no extra cost.

  5. 5.Improper Wiring

    Bad wiring can lead to the sprinklers not switching on at the right time. In order to pinpoint the location of the fault, each connection will have to be checked first. Often corrosion can cause such malfunctioning. The corroded wire will have to be cut off and replaced with new, clean wire. In order to pinpoint the spot where the problem is located, you will have to check each electrical zone and see if it is getting power or not. Once the problem is located, a multimeter can be used to see if the voltage is in the recommended range. Or else, the controller may be at fault.

Before digging for any kind of repair work, you should have first identified where the public utility lines are placed underground on your property. Following these guidelines and keeping in mind the suggestions can help you handle some simple problems with your sprinkler system without too much consternation or agony.

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