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How to Revive Your Home Siding

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How to Revive Your Home Siding

There’s an old saying that familiarity breeds contempt – and that’s just as true when talking about people as it is when talking about the things in your life. In fact, that can be especially true when it comes to things in or outside of your home. You see them every day, so if there’s a problem or if something is just not your taste, it can drive you absolutely crazy!


Some common fixes homeowners make to their homes are kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels and changes of floor coverings. However, they can be pricy, time consuming and disrupt your whole household. If you are looking to make a quicker, less expensive fix, you may want to consider giving your home’s existing vinyl siding a fresh look.

  1. Older versions of vinyl siding were very susceptible to fading, however newer versions come with special coating that helps them stand up to the sun’s strong rays.

    1.Replace it

    If your siding is looking old and faded, you may just need an update. Older versions of vinyl siding were very susceptible to fading, however newer versions come with special coating that helps them stand up to the sun’s strong rays.

  2. 2.Clean it

    Most experts recommend that homeowners clean their siding periodically. However, make sure you check with the manufacturer’s instructions before taking on the task. Some brands of siding can withstand power washers, while others can only tolerate a soft rag or a long-handled bristle brush and a hosing off. If you do use a power washer, make sure to spray the water upward so it doesn’t go behind the siding. Whatever detergents you use to clean your siding, be sure to do a spot cleaning first.

  3. 3.Paint it

    If you are unhappy about the color of your vinyl siding, you can paint it. First, make sure you clean your siding carefully and thoroughly. The key to a good paint job is to use high-quality paint. Some good options are acrylic latex exterior paint or a water based acrylic paint. This is a job you can tackle yourself or hire a professional painter to do. One important note: Some manufacturers void your warranty if you paint your siding, so check before you do anything.

  5. 4.Patch it

    One of the drawbacks of vinyl siding is that it can sometimes chip or break. However, one of its benefits is that if a small section becomes damaged it’s easy to remove it. The key to fixing a damaged section of vinyl siding is to make sure to match it perfectly. Fail to do that and your fix will stick out like a sore thumb. If you can, try to hold on to extra siding from your original install job for just this reason. If that’s not possible, check with siding manufacturers to try to get a match. Simply remove the damaged siding, cut the replacement piece to size, and attach. This is a job that you can perform yourself, or you could hire a professional to do.


    Many people take the job of keeping up their homes very seriously. It is true that homeownership has a lot of duties and responsibilities, but don’t allow yourself to get bogged down or trapped into a situation you don’t like. If, after hemming and hawing over an aesthetic decision, you decide you don’t like it, feel free to change it! After all, a home isn’t a home if you’re not happy with what you have.

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