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Ins and Outs of Foundation Sealing

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > Ins and Outs of Foundation Sealing
Ins and Outs of Foundation Sealing

A leaky foundation can be the cause of significant moisture and structural damage for a home. If you detect issues with your home’s foundation, remedy the problems to prevent damage from escalating.


Explore your options for foundation sealing online. Because there are a variety of suitable methods for sealing the foundation of a building, it’s important to learn about different options.


Knowing the ins and outs of foundation sealing will enable you to proceed with the best method for repairing existing problems and preventing future issues.

  1. Seal and repair visible cracks to the foundation on the exterior with a cement-based repair mortar designed for concrete and masonry.

    1.Importance of Foundation Sealing

    Even hairline cracks can be enough to create significant damage to a home. If you experience moisture in your basement, one of the first places to look is your foundation to see if you can determine the cause of the moisture.


    A leaky foundation will cause mold and mildew to occur in the subterranean level of your home. When you have a wet basement, the moisture will cause significant damage to the structure and construction of your home. The mold that results from the moisture will also damage the construction of your home as well as cause an unhealthy interior environment in your home from the mold spores that enter the air.

  2. 2.Water Issues

    The first step to waterproofing a foundation is to ensure that water does not pool and absorb into the soil immediately around your foundation. To avoid this water absorption, grade the soil away from your home at a slope. It’s also important to route water away from your foundation by positioning gutters and drain spouts away from the home.


    Get an idea of your water issues by observing the situation after a heavy rain. If you see water draining out of drain spouts near the foundation, reposition these drain spouts immediately. If you see water pooling around the foundation, regrade the soil so that the water flows down and away from your foundation.

  4. 3.Waterproof Sealing a Foundation

    Seal and repair visible cracks to the foundation on the exterior with a cement-based repair mortar designed for concrete and masonry. By applying this material to cracks and holes, it will set quickly to provide an effective sealant against water and moisture.


    Apply a waterproof cement-based liquid coating to the interior walls of your basement to seal the foundation against moisture and leaks. This material applies similarly to paint with rollers and paintbrushes. After application, the product fills all pores and cracks, becoming a solid and durable barrier over the entire wall surface. Choose a material suitable for interior application – many products come in both white and gray to complement the interior of your basement.


    Once you have applied the waterproof coating to the walls, the product also helps provide an effective defense against mold and mildew as well.


    Follow all application guidelines to ensure that you apply the product safely and effectively.


    Because the possible damage from moisture is so significant, it’s important to investigate moisture problems and remedy them quickly. The process of applying a waterproof foundation sealant is no more difficult than applying paint to any surface.

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