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Ins and Outs of Solar Screen

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > Ins and Outs of Solar Screen
Ins and Outs of Solar Screen

One of the keys to keeping your home cooler in the summer is keeping the sun’s strong rays from entering into your living areas. Every surface of your house has the ability to pass heat through it, with some surfaces like window glass allowing heat through more readily.


The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has an informational report about how to cool a home naturally. According to the NREL, about 40 percent of the heat that enters your home comes in through your windows. With solar screens, you can cover the windows to block heat from entering your home.


Once you know the ins and outs of solar screens, you can decide whether they fit your needs and budget to help keep your home cooler in the summer.

  1. By installing solar screens on southern-exposure windows, you can reduce cooling expenses by up to 35 percent during the summer months.

    1.Solar Screen Overview

    Solar screens come in a variety of styles. Generally, these screens mount on the exterior of your home on rollers over the windows. During daylight hours when the sun is shining brightly, you should extend the screens down so they cover windows completely. On overcast days or at night, you should raise the screens because they won’t be necessary to block the sunlight. Even while solar screens are place, air will pass through and you can still see through the screen material.

  2. 2.Benefits of Solar Screens

    • Keep Home Cooler – With solar screens mounted on your windows, you should notice your home’s interior staying about 15 degrees cooler in the summer.

    • Reduce Cooling Expenses – By installing solar screens on southern-exposure windows, you can reduce cooling expenses by up to 35 percent during the summer months. This savings may return your investment in as little as two years.

    • Reduce Fading – When you stop sunlight from entering through windows with solar screens, you can keep the sun from fading carpeting, rugs, furniture and other interior decor.

    • Reduced Glare – The sun streaming in through windows can make it hard to see screens in your home. With solar screens in place, you won’t have annoying glare on televisions and computer screens.

    • Privacy – With solar screens in place over windows, you’ll have effective privacy screens that prevent people from seeing through your windows during the daytime. At the same time, however, you’ll be able to see out through the screens perfectly.

  4. 3.Solar Screen Styles

    Choose solar screens that fit your home’s exterior and your budget. Screens come in colors to match your exterior. They also come in virtually any width to fit any window size and shape. In addition, solar screens are available in both manual and motorized models. With a manual solar screen, you must raise and lower the screen yourself on the outside of your home. With a motorized solar screen, simply push a button on a remote control and the screen will go up or down over the window. Motorized solar screens require an electrical connection on the exterior of your home to enable them to move electrically.


    With your needs and budget in mind, choose the type of solar screen that fits your home’s exterior. Once in place, solar screens will add to your summer comfort and help you reduce energy expenses, too.

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