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How Much Does an Interior Trim Repair Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Carpentry > How Much Does an Interior Trim Repair Cost?
How Much Does an Interior Trim Repair Cost?

Making repairs to interior trim elements can restore the character of a room to showcase its original design. Many blemishes in wood trim can be repaired in place, but when full restoration is needed, finish carpenters often remove, repair and reinstall individual pieces. When damage makes patches and replacements necessary, standard and custom milled mouldings provide solutions to match the existing profile of your trim. The style, material, and finish of trim elements contribute to the price of repairs, with custom millwork and extensive restorations adding considerable cost to the project.

Average Prices

Project Size

As with the installation of trim, repair costs are affected by the size and scope of the project. Interior trim repairs in areas between 100 and 200 square feet cost an average of $196, nationally. The added time, supplies and materials needed to repair trim in larger areas contribute to average repair prices of $278 for areas of 200-300 square feet, $314 for 300-400 square feet, and $473 for 400-500 square feet.


Crown Moulding Repair

The extent of damage to crown moulding will determine if repairs can be made in place or if the trim must be removed, repaired, and reinstalled. Nationwide, crown moulding repairs carry costs between $207 and $672 which are affected by the extent of repairs and the ease with which the trim can be removed, if necessary. Damaged caused to walls and ceilings from the removal of mouldings may require plaster, drywall or paint repairs, adding to overall project costs.


Repairing Colonial Case Moulding

Damage to case moulding can often be repaired in place with sanding, fillers, and refinishing. Sections with extensive damage may be patched or replaced with pieces of matching trim when surface repairs are inadequate. Prices for repairing colonial case mouldings range from $197 to $641 and vary with the difficulty of matching patches and replacements to the original trim’s profile and finish.


Wainscot Trim Moulding Repair

Wainscot trim may consist of panels and a number of moulding elements that comprise an entire wall treatment. Repairs to mouldings used in the wainscot installation are handled in much the same way as other trim repairs, costing between $233 and $758 in the U.S. The extent and expense of repairs is often affected by the ease with which damaged elements can be accessed or removed. Intricate wainscot applications may have multiple layers of trim detail, and how they are attached to one another or to the wall contributes to the complexity of repairs.


Repairs to Shadow Box Trim

Shadow box designs use mouldings to create dimensional trim detail on wall surfaces. Like wainscot treatments, shadow boxing may employ a variety of moulding profiles to achieve its look. Since trim pieces are mounted directly to wall surfaces, repairs to shadow box features may lead to wall and paint repairs. Overall, prices for repairs to shadow box trim applications range from $162 to $532.


Base Cap Repair

Baseboard trim and base cap moulding applied atop it may be damaged or marred by water or from contact with furniture or other objects. Simple repairs to cap mouldings can be made in place, but the thin cap detail is typically attached to the wall, so can be removed if necessary without damaging the baseboard. Repairs on base cap mouldings commonly cost between $145 and $473, varying with the nature of the job and the availability of matching replacements, if needed.


Repairing Chair Rail Trim

Chair rail trim applied to walls serves as a decorative element and as protection from furniture that comes in contact with the wall. National rates from repairs to chair rail are typically between $152 and $494 , depending on whether the trim can be repaired in place, or if removal or replacement are needed. Damage to walls from the process of removing or reinstalling moulding may contribute to overall costs.


Understanding Your Trim Repair Needs

Whether to repair blemished and damaged moulding or for the complete restoration of historical trim details, the cost of your repair project will be affected by the application, condition, and style of trim in your home. Many surface problems can be repaired with restoration of the moulding’s profile and finish, but extensive deterioration or damage may call for the replacement of some sections of trim. Your carpenter can help determine if economical, standardized profiles of moulding will match your existing millwork, or if the custom design and milling of new pieces will be needed. Understanding the construction of your home’s trim can help you plan for the process and expenses of making repairs to it.

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