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Is it Better to Patch or Replace a Roof

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Roofing > Is it Better to Patch or Replace a Roof
Is it Better to Patch or Replace a Roof

Patching a roof may be a better option in some cases where replacement isn’t necessary and the roofing problem is a quick fix. It is not always helpful to jump the gun and decide a new roof is needed after only a minor leak or fixable water damage. Although the line may be blurry at times, taking the time to research fixable problems may save you a lot of money in the end. Replacing a roof isn’t always needed, and instead, many roofing specialists will be creative and able to show you exactly how to patch your specific problem – for a fraction of the cost.


If you are new to home improvement and in need of some guidance, we have gathered a number of tell-tale signs where patching a roof may be more effective than replacing (and vice versa). Read on for some helpful hints and signs.

    If you live in a dry or intensely hot climate, you need to keep an eye out for dried out and/or cracked shingles. If you notice this problem, it may be possible that further deterioration is occurring...
  1. 1.First – Think About This

    Your roof is constantly wearing out. It is getting tired and older, even as you are reading this article. It may have been hit with a lot of terrible weather during its life – and may decide it wants to give out at anytime. If this is the case, think about how old your roof is. Is it nearing the end of its given life expectancy? Has it already had to deal with harsh debris or blows to the exterior (such as heavy tree limbs)? Odds are even with the proper maintenance, if a roof is simply becoming too old, replacing the entire thing is the best and safest option to choose.

  2. 2.Is it Just a Leak?

    Although it may seem more problematic at the time, when you get a roofing leak – all it really requires is a little patching. Unless significant water damage has occurred and framework in the roof is busting, you should never have to replace an entire roof after only a small section has endured a leak. Flashing and shingles can be replaced easily. Don’t give up on your roof yet! A water leak is definitely a patching job.

  3. 3.Watch Your Shingles

    If you live in a dry or intensely hot climate, you need to keep an eye out for dried out and/or cracked shingles. If you notice this problem, it may be possible that further deterioration is occurring underneath the roof and the underside of the roofing shingles is becoming saturated. This means that a slow decay of your roof is possible and a new layer of roofing is unlikely to hold. An old decaying roof cannot support the weight of more materials when a replacement is needed. Hire a specialist to see if decay is the problem – if so, it is extremely important that you opt for replacing the entire roof.

  4. 4.Saving Up is Always An Option

    If you have a water leak or similar problem with a roof that is over a certain age (fifteen plus years), it may be more economically smart to repair the roof for now – but be saving up for a new replacement. If your roof is not quite past its expiration mark, but is experiencing significant water damage – it will be best to replace the entire roof to avoid any future problems. Unless there is strong framework and a very durable top layer, older roofs simply will not tolerate new roofing being build on top of it. This means that although a small patch will work, if the problem is bigger – a new roof is needed as soon as possible.


    The question whether to patch or completely replace your roof is a relative one and should be answered by roofing professionals. They will be able to tell you exactly how much more your roof can withstand and if a simple patch is all that you need to continue your day to day life.

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