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7 Items That Make Having a Mover a Must

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Moving > 7 Items That Make Having a Mover a Must
7 Items That Make Having a Mover a Must

Moving home brings a host of challenges along with it. When relocating, most people are busy focusing on bidding farewell to friends and colleagues even as they try to establish networks at the new place. Apart from all this, one also has to deal with the actual logistics of packing, shipping, and unpacking personal and prized possessions.


While the emotional challenges of moving are many, the physical challenges of moving your prized possessions and personal belongings too can be tiring and challenging. This is all the more so if you are pressed for time or own items that need to be handled with extra care. While clothes, accessories, cutlery, and kitchen ware can generally be packed with ease, if you own certain items such as a piano, art – sculpture, paintings, books, manuscripts, or plants, you definitely need to retain the services of a professional mover.

  1. 1.Piano

    The piano is heavy, with sensitive inner workings. Moreover it is awkward to lift and carry apart from being valuable. If you try to move the piano yourself you could damage your back, home, and the piano. This is especially so if you need to negotiate stairs or the elevator when moving it. A professional mover will have straps to help lift it and bring padding to cushion it during the move. The legs of a piano are very vulnerable to damage during a move. The keyboard too needs extra protection to survive the journey. When moving a piano, the flooring of the truck has to be leveled with planks of wood to minimize jarring. Even so, you will need to retune the piano upon arrival.

  2. 2.Aquarium

    Many experts suggest that fish should not be moved long distances. However, if you are very fond of your pets, you should take the help of a professional mover to transport them. This is because travel is stressful for fish. The aerobic bacteria in the tank too will have to be transported to help the fish acclimatize to their new residence. Without the aeration system the aerobic bacteria in the tank will die within a few hours, so you need to save some water from the tank for preserving the bacteria in the new home. The fish will have to be transferred to a holding tank or plastic bags half filled with water. This will enable the fish to breathe during the journey. The plants in the aquarium will have to be bagged in a manner that keeps their roots wet and hand moved.

  3. 3.Art

    Art is precious and fragile, and needs to be handled with care during moves. The mover will use special techniques to pack them depending on the specifics of the art being moved. Poor packaging can damage the art work. Improper labeling can lead to rough handling by shipping workers that can damage your possessions. If the art needs to be stored, it should be in a dry and stable atmosphere. Additionally, the mover will decide on safe routes so that the art collection is not endangered by delays and emergencies.

  4. 4.TVs

    Plasma TVs and LCD TVs are high value items that are easily damaged. They should remain upright at all times and never be laid flat. The screen should be covered with soft cloth to prevent scratches. It is best to pack them in the original packing; otherwise special packing material should be purchased. Additionally, these items should not be exposed to rain, sunlight, excessive dust, or heat. The TV should be installed by professionals and it should set for several hours after installation before being switched on.

  5. 5.Couches

    It is best to use movers to transport couches because damage can occur to the frame or upholstery or both. They should be wrapped in furniture moving pad and the legs must be removed if possible. Couches should always be lifted from the bottom to minimize damage. Couches should be lifted from the bottom for another reason as well, it will motivate you to bend your knees when lifting a heavy object. There is a proper lifting technique and this is something that professional movers master and they have a back brace. If you do not have one, you should invest in that item but you do not have to if you hire a mover. Even if you had a back brace, there is more to moving items and furniture than meets the eye. You do not want to take chance of breaking an object, damaging a wall or door frame, or hurting yourself. This is why it behooves you to hire professionals for this endeavor.

  6. 6.Plants

    In general plants should be transported in temperature controlled vehicles with adequate fresh air, especially during longer trips. If you are moving plants across state borders, you might require USDA permits that the mover can obtain for you. Indoor potted plants should be in sterilized soil in order to be permitted to enter certain states. Plants need to be repotted from clay to unbreakable plastic ones three weeks before the move. They also need to be pruned and checked for insects and parasites before the move.

  7. 7.Armoire

    Another item that is best moved with the help of a professional mover is the armoire. It is heavy and difficult to lift. Additionally, it can be chipped or scratched during the move. The armoire should be emptied and contents packed separately. This will also reduce the weight of the armoire. The shelves should be detached if possible or fixed securely. The doors too should be detached or fixed securely to prevent damage. The armoire should be covered with protective padding to ensure scratch-free delivery.

Moving home can be emotionally and physically challenging. One has to bid goodbye to friends and establish new relationships again. One way of making this easier is to retain the services of a professional mover who will ensure that your possessions reach the new home safely.

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