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Kid Safe Cleaning Guide

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Kid Safe Cleaning Guide

It is the Catch-22 of being a parent. You want absolutely everything to be clean, but cleaners are dangerous to little hands, eyes and mouths. How do you keep your home germ-free while still keeping your kids safe from dangerous chemicals? There are a few steps you can take in order to promote a clean environment while limiting exposure to dangers.


This is a home guide with actionable steps you can take to improve your chemical situation in your home.

  1. 1.Keep it Lean, Dilute!

    Cleaning products are often very strong. People don’t want to spend time with a scrubbing and extra elbow grease, but if you dilute the cleaning products you still get the benefits with lower levels of toxicity. You might need to scrub a little more, but it won’t leave a residue on your counters or floors that might be unsafe for the baby or little ones.

  2. No matter how much you wash your hands, they can become a playground for the harsh chemicals you use.
  3. 2.Use Gloves

    While we all know we should use gloves, most of us get lazy and go without protecting our hands. Gloves are a necessity when you have a baby. You are constantly touching their face and hands and changing diapers. No matter how much you wash your hands, they can become a playground for the harsh chemicals you use. The easiest solution is to place a barrier between you and chemicals by simply wearing rubber gloves.

  4. 3.Baking Soda is Your Friend

    Some of the harshest chemicals on the market can easily be replaced with baking soda and water. Oven cleaner, toilet cleaner and bleach-based products are easy to use but highly dangerous in the wrong hands. Baking soda and water offer a more natural reaction that poses less of a threat to children. You will have to use a stiffer brush and work a little longer on cleaning the items, but you can’t beat the added safety of shying away from corrosive chemical components.

  5. 4.Disinfect with the Microwave and Open a Window

    As an adult, your nose is not as sensitive as your children’s olfactory senses. You might not even notice that the cleaners are hard on your respiratory tract, but little kids can sense Open windows when you clean and keep the air moving. Fans work as well, but you need a way for the scents to get out of the house. Also, take the time to throw a sponge in the microwave. Wet the sponge and throw it in the microwave for two minutes. You kill all the germs and then you can use it on the counters again without housing bacteria and germs that might spread.

  6. 5.Certify Your House as Green

    You can choose what comes into your home and purchasing “certified green” products helps ensure the safety of all your cleaning products. It might cost a little more money on the surface, but the chemical usage in such products is limited and it is much safer to use around children.


    There are countless things you can do to make your home a safer place when it comes to chemicals. Starting with these five, simple suggestions will get the ball rolling in the right direction.

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