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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Kitchen Cabinet Installer

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cabinets & Countertops > Benefits of Hiring a Professional Kitchen Cabinet Installer
Benefits of Hiring a Professional Kitchen Cabinet Installer

Whether you’re updating or installing new kitchen cabinets in a new kitchen, the installation of the cabinets is no place to skimp or cut corners. Your kitchen cabinets will put up with extensive use and even abuse, so make sure they remain strong and beautiful in your kitchen.


With a professional contractor in charge of the job, your kitchen cabinets will go up and stay up for years. Go ahead and spend your time choosing the best cabinets you can afford, and that fit your kitchen perfectly. Then, hire a professional to install them correctly.

  1. 1.Benefits of Installing New Kitchen Cabinets

    "Spend time talking about how you use the kitchen to help the expert know your needs, which will help with recommendations."

    Kitchen cabinets offer a variety of features and designs that may upgrade your kitchen experience. If your old cabinets are warped and showing signs of age, the new cabinets you install can instantly give your kitchen an updated look and feel. With new cabinets, you can ensure that the material used to construct the boxes of the cabinets is plywood, which will stay structurally strong for many years, resisting the tendency to warp from moisture. With strong and secure kitchen cabinets, you can also have the green light for a new countertop, which you may have been putting off due to the weight (and price tag) of the countertop materials.

  2. 2.Choosing a Style

    As you peruse the many options in kitchen cabinet styling, don’t forget custom cabinetry for your kitchen. Custom cabinets have the distinction of being created by skilled craftsmen, made out of high quality materials that will last for years. With custom cabinets, you can design exactly what you need for your unique kitchen space, creating the drawer and cabinet combinations that fit your cooking style. If you have little space, design your cabinets to maximize the space you do have. Even if you have expansive space in the kitchen, you will still need to make decisions that maximize your cabinetry. By opting for stock cabinetry, you can save money, even though you might not have cabinets designed precisely for your kitchen. Don’t forget, with stock cabinetry, you will need to pay close attention to materials to guarantee that your cabinets are of the highest quality possible.

  3. 3.Design Planning & Preparation

    It’s helpful to have a design specialist analyze your kitchen to provide recommendations for your kitchen cabinetry. This can be an excellent learning exercise to help you gain knowledge about what’s available and possible in your new cabinets. Spend time talking about how you use the kitchen to help the expert know your needs, which will help with recommendations.

  4. 4.Problems That May Arise

    It’s common to order kitchen cabinets based on a diagram of your existing kitchen, complete with appliances and countertops represented in the drawing. If you do not examine the finished mock-up carefully before ordering your cabinets however, you could end up with cabinets that open on the wrong side, end cabinets without finished panels on the exposed sides, and even the wrong sizes and styles. If any errors occur when placing your order, or even during fulfillment, you could be left with a whole mess of problems. This will not only throw off the entire installation process, but it will also prolong the timeframe of the remodel.


    Incorrect installation of the cabinets on the walls could result in a horrific catastrophe as soon as you fill the cabinets with your dishes and glasses. Inadequate installation in drywall, without securing the cabinetry into studs, will prove costly for your kitchen. A contractor will know the best methods of ensuring that your cabinetry secures into studs or how to secure the cabinetry with toggle bolts instead.

  5. 5.Project Timeline

    If your cabinetry installation involves stock cabinets, expect the project to take about 24 man-hours from start to finish. If you choose custom cabinetry with specialty pieces and unusual hardware, the project will take about twice as long.

  6. 6.Adding Value to the Home

    If you’re looking for a way to add relatively painless value to your home, kitchen cabinets may be your answer. By revamping your kitchen with new cabinets, you can enjoy about $15,000 to $20,000 more value in your home. What’s more, if you are even more industrious, and replace the countertop or flooring in addition to the cabinets, you can increase your home’s value by up to $40,000. Now that's definitely worth the initial investment if you ask me.

  7. 7.Cost to Install Kitchen Cabinets

    Several factors will influence the overall cost of installing kitchen cabinets in your home. If you choose stock cabinets without any unusual designs and features, you can anticipate costs around $162. On the other end of the spectrum, custom cabinetry that involves distinctive or unusual hardware and features, the installation may cost you as much as $730. The average cost of installing kitchen cabinets comes in at $344. Your geographic location and the number of cabinets you are installing will also be a factor in your overall price.

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