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Laminate Countertop Installation Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cabinets & Countertops > Laminate Countertop Installation Guide
Laminate Countertop Installation Guide

When you’ve got a tight budget but you still want your countertops to have a sleek and attractive appearance, laminate countertops may fit the bill. Although laminate countertops aren’t as durable as other countertop materials, they are more affordable.


The Michigan State University Extension provides an overview of the care of laminate countertops, including how to use them safely to minimize wear and tear. Although laminate resists scratching, it is possible to damage the surface with tools and with heat.


With a laminate countertop installation guide, your new countertops will go in effectively and stay attractive for many years.

  1. Screw the countertop into the cabinets below by screwing up through the top of the cabinets into the underside of the countertops.

    1.Choose Your Countertop

    The laminate countertop you install in your home depends on the amount of preparation work you need or want to perform before installation. If your countertop area is nonstandard and requires a special size of countertop, you may need to purchase laminate slabs and cut them to fit. If your counter area is a standard size, you can purchase post-form countertops that come precut in standard sizes to fit countertop areas. These post-form countertops often come with the backsplash already attached for easier installation. It’s possible to trim post-form countertop pieces to make them shorter, if necessary.

  2. 2.Tools for the Job

    You’ll need standard tools and materials to install laminate countertops. Tools include a level, drawing compass, clamps, caulk gun and belt sander. Materials include silicone caulk, a miter clamp kit, wood glue, shims and saw horses.

  4. 3.Installation Steps

    Place the countertop piece in place and check it with the level to make sure it’s perfectly level. If necessary, add shims to make the countertop level.


    Check the gap between the backsplash and the wall – use the drawing compass to measure the largest point of the space. Once you have this measurement, pull the compass along the back of the backsplash to mark how much countertop material you need to sand away from the back of the backsplash to make it fit flat against the wall. Position the countertop onto sawhorses and use the belt sander to sand away the back of the backsplash as you marked it.


    Place the countertop in place and glue pieces of the countertop together using wood glue and the miter clamp kit. Once you have the pieces glued and clamped, check the level of the countertop. If you find areas that are not level, tap them gently with a rubber mallet to make it level.


    Screw the countertop into the cabinets below by screwing up through the top of the cabinets into the underside of the countertops. If the cabinets do not have a top, drive the screws through the inside front of the cabinets and through any other blocks at the top of the cabinets.


    Seal every seam in the countertop with silicone caulk in a color that matches the countertop color. This will prevent moisture and dirt from accumulating in the cracks of the countertop.


    With a little time and effort, you can install new laminate countertops in your home to give your counters a new and affordable look.

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