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Clean and Clear Laundry Room Organization

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > Clean and Clear Laundry Room Organization
Clean and Clear Laundry Room Organization

Fun fact about me: I love figuring out ways to make my home more organized and neat. That is because a well-run house is a clean house. By keeping things as organized as I can, I create less work for myself in the long run. That means less time spent looking for a favorite shirt or missing sock and more time doing things that are actually fun.


If you are new to the fascinating world of home organization, a great place to start is in your laundry room. Laundry is the great equalizer – everyone has to do it sooner or later. No matter who you are, chances are high that you find yourself in there a lot. Figure out how to make your time cleaning your clothes easier and more efficient by reading this guide to clean and clear laundry room organization.

  1. 1. Laundry room cabinets

    Cabinets help you keep everything neat and tucked away from sight. If you want to get really fancy and super organized, bring in a carpenter to create custom cabinets just for you. That way you can designate a place for everything and put everything in its place. You can also buy pre-fabricated cabinets that mount easily in your existing room.

  2. With a clean, organized work space, this mundane chore can actually be fun!
  3. 2. Baskets for laundry supplies

    I love using baskets to organize because they help group like things together in an attractive way. Instead of hunting for what you need, keep all your cleaning supplies in one place. Get a bunch and you can put each family member’s clean clothes into his or her own basket after they’ve been folded. Then, they can pick up their basket and haul the stuff away to their room (and put it away neatly, of course!).

  4. 3. Make a spot for Spot

    If your laundry room doubles as your pet’s space, do what you can to keep the two functions separate. Make the space you use for doing laundry only for laundry-related things. Designate a corner for all pet stuff. That means it should be the only place where you keep food, leash, cat box or whatever else your pet needs.

  6. 4. Hamper organization

    Your hamper can be a handy tool when it comes to getting organized. There are all sorts of cool hampers for you to try. There are hampers on wheels, attached hampers with space for lights and darks and hampers attached to larger organizers.

  7. 5. Brush hanger

    Your clothes aren’t the only part of your wardrobe that need attention. You need to clean your shoes, too! Designate a spot in your laundry room to hang your shoe brush, polish and other shoe cleaning accessories.

  8. 6. String up a clothesline

    Everyone is looking to be more eco-friendly these days. Get your clothes dry without turning on your dryer rain or shine with an indoor clothesline. This is great for when you want to avoid the dryer or when you have delicates to wash and dry.

  9. 7. Folding station

    Hate lugging clean laundry all over the house to fold and then put away? Save yourself a few steps by folding laundry right there in your laundry room. You can even include space for your iron and an ironing board so you can get that done, too!

  11. 8. Storing your supplies

    Another thing I like to do is buy my laundry supplies – things like dryer sheets, detergent, and bleach – in bulk. It is worth it for me because I know I will use it all and I don’t have to run to the store every other week to restock. However, so much stuff can look messy. I put out what I am going to use for the short term, and store excess product away in a storage closet.

  12. 9. Clean up

    It feels redundant, but sometimes you have to clean your cleaning area. If you have a front loading washer, you need to be diligent about cleaning it occasionally because those washers can be breeding grounds for mold and mildew. It’s not a bad idea to wipe down your dryer, either. Make sure to get rid of lint that builds up in your lint trap because that can be a serious fire hazard. You should also wipe surfaces down to keep them free of dust and grime.


    There are very few people who would say that they love doing laundry. But, with a clean, organized work space, this mundane chore can actually be fun! Figure out what you can do to cean the mess while you are cleaning your clothes. Don’t hesitate – do it today!

Photo credit    |    Bridgett LaFevers    |    Etsy

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