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How Much Does Lawn Edging Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > How Much Does Lawn Edging Cost?
How Much Does Lawn Edging Cost?

Edging grass along yard and garden hardscapes provides a clean, sharp border for walks, driveways and curbs. Regular edging keeps overgrown grass under control, maintaining a neat appearance for your entire landscape.

Average Prices

Edging Locations

The features of residential lawns often differ from those at apartment buildings and commercial facilities, so rates for edging will vary with the type of location serviced. Nationally, the average price for lawn edging at a home is $49, compared to $98 for apartment buildings and $114 for business locations where larger and longer parking areas and walks may require more time and labor for edging.


Edging Frequency

Prices for edge trimming usually depend on how often the service is performed. The more often edging is done the easier it is to maintain, so more frequent edging often costs less than a single service. Having a lawn edged once costs an average of $102, while regular service prices average $42 for weekly, $64 for bi-weekly, and $84 for monthly upkeep.


Size of the Area to Edge

Edging is typically priced by the length of the area to maintain, or as part of a package that includes mowing and other lawn care services. Since circumstances vary, you can expect to pay the following average prices according to the size of the area to be edged: $56 for an area 1000 square feet or less, $67 for areas 1000-2000 square feet, $82 for a 2000-3000 square foot site, $97 for 3000-4000 square feet, and $114 for a 4000-5000 square foot yard.


Edging Service

Many lawn care contractors offer edging as a regular service, often as part of a maintenance package with mowing. Prices for edging range from $32 to $92 in the US, and vary with the size of the site and the frequency of care. Neglected or overgrown areas may require a substantial amount of time and labor to be brought to a condition that can be maintained more efficiently.


Blowing Service

An important aspect of edge and trimming services is clean up. Clearing walks, patios, and driveways of grass after mowing and edging is often done with a blower. While blowing is often incorporated in lawn care programs, the service itself typically costs between $55 and $156.


Lawn Fertilization Service

Fertilization may be offered as a seasonal or periodic treatment from your lawn care provider, perhaps in conjunction with edging, mulching or other services. Prices for fertilizing your lawn may vary with the type of material used and the size of your yard, but generally costs from $57 to $162 .


Lawn Aeration Service

While professionals recommended less frequent aeration of your lawn than edging, it is another important step in maintaining the beauty of your landscaping. Aerating soil is recommended once or twice per season, with a typical price range of $109 to $214. The process is important to the health of your lawn as it improves your soil’s ability to receive and absorb nutrients and water.


Weed Prevention Service

Periodic weed prevention treatments by your contractor can save you a great deal of time on regular yard maintenance. Like fertilizing, treatments are often offered along with other periodic services such as edging, weeding beds, or spraying trees, but your provider can help you determine which treatments are appropriate for your yard and whether combining them is practical. Fees for applying weed treatments may vary with the size of the site and the herbicide used, typically costing from $47 to $133.


Planning for Lawn Edging Services

Landscapers and lawn care contractors offer several maintenance services that can keep your yard in excellent condition and allow you more time to enjoy your outdoor living spaces. Hiring a professional to handle your edging is a convenient way to bring overgrown borders under control and restore the well-kept appearance of your lawn.

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