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Lawn Edging Yard Guide

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Lawn Edging Yard Guide

A well-manicured yard will add many benefits to your outdoor landscape. The curb appeal of a neat and tidy lawn improves the overall appearance of your home. As you plan an outdoor landscape, consider the perimeter around your yard – it makes a significant impact on your yard’s appearance.


As discussed in a Utah State University webpage, a lawn’s edging has a big impact on your yard. There are ways to create an attractive perimeter without adding extra maintenance to your outdoor yard work. Consider utilizing design methods to create a beautiful yard without increasing your workload.


With a lawn edging yard guide, your landscape can look neat and attractive without adding extra time and effort to your outdoor yard maintenance.

  1. With thought to the edge of your yard, you can minimize the work you’ll need to perform to maintain your landscape neatly.

    1.Purpose of Edging

    You can create the lushest, most beautiful expanse of lawn in your outdoor landscape, but if you neglect the edging, the entire appearance of your lawn will suffer. An untrimmed and uneven perimeter will detract from the uniformity and neatness of your landscape.


    It’s also more difficult to maintain the edges of your lawn because your lawn mower won’t reach these areas. With thought to the edge of your yard, you can minimize the work you’ll need to perform to maintain your landscape neatly.

  2. 2.Maintaining Lawn Edge without Edging Materials

    If you do not install edging along the perimeter of your landscape, you will need to perform regular maintenance with an edger or a weed whacker. Your lawnmower will not reach the very edge of your lawn, especially along buildings, around trees and along flowerbeds. Left untrimmed, you will have an unsightly perimeter with longer grass. After mowing the lawn every time, you will need to use a weed whacker to trim the edges of your lawn to eliminate weeds and maintain an even appearance.

  4. 3.Edging Options

    Instead of weed whacking every time you mow, you could install edging materials that will enable you to mow right up to the perimeter without needing to trim. Many types of edging materials exist, including bricks, rocks, landscape timbers and plastic edging materials. If you choose an edging material that sits just slightly above the soil line and has a width of about 6 inches, you can mow right up to the edging with the lawn mower. You won’t need to perform separate weed whacking of the perimeter to keep it neat.


    Alternatively, you could install edging material that sits above the soil level. The advantage of this edging option is that it provides a decorative appearance to your landscape. A disadvantage of this style of edging is that you will still have to trim or weed whack around the perimeter along the edging because your lawn mower won’t reach right along the edging.


    The edging you choose for your landscape depends on how much time and effort you wish to exert in lawn maintenance. You should also consider how neatly manicured you want your landscape to appear. The easiest option would be to install edging that will enable you to mow right alongside it to eliminate shaggy lawn edges without weed whacking.

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