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How Much Does Lawn Mowing Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > How Much Does Lawn Mowing Cost?
How Much Does Lawn Mowing Cost?

Hiring a pro to handle your mowing can simplify yard maintenance-- and free up your weekends. The size, features and terrain of your lawn, and any other services provided with your mowing contract, will contribute to overall costs. Prices for mowing a typical yard range from $40 to $60 per visit, but the cost for your project will depend on typical labor rates in your area and the specific services involved.


Average Lawn Mowing Service Prices

The cost guide below provides average prices for lawn mowing services.

Average Prices

Yard Features

Lawn cutting rates are often based on the size of the area that is mowed at each visit, but the characteristics of the property can also play an important part in pricing. A level, open lot is usually easier to mow, trim, and clean up than a yard that is hilly or has several trees, gardens, or other features to work around—even if the simple yard is larger. In a neighborhood where the lawns are pretty similar, pros may charge the same base rate for each home, but add fees for any extra time or tasks needed to get the job done on a yard with more challenges.


Frequency of Mowing

Rates for mowing often vary with the frequency of service, since the length of time between trimmings contributes to the difficulty of the job. When the work is done weekly, it’s easier to stay ahead of the grass and get the job done quickly, so it may cost less for each mowing than if it’s only done every two weeks. Many providers offer discounts for pre-paid and contract customers, so signing up or paying in advance for the whole season could save 10 percent or more.


Included Services

Many pros include certain services with a basic mowing, such as trimming with a string trimmer or edger, blowing and/or bagging clippings, and doing basic cleanup of yard debris. Services may vary with providers and location, so be sure to find out what’s included in regular service and what comes with an extra fee.


Add-on Services

Some periodic or seasonal tasks can be added to your list of services as needed, such as aerating, dethatching, seeding, and applications of fertilizer or weed treatments. Depending on the products and equipment used, and the size of the lawn, each of these extra treatments could add $30 to $80 to the bottom line.


The Perfect Package

Lawn care pros offer a number of services that can relieve the burden of yard maintenance and keep your lawn lush and green. Discuss which services and schedules are appropriate for your yard, and whether a service plan or package is an efficient way to plan for upkeep. Many contractors offer discounts for clients in the same neighborhood, pre-scheduled seasonal tasks, and bundled services that can provide an economical program for handling a full season’s lawn care.


Cost Comparisons

Low Average High
$35 - $50 $40 - $65 $50 - $90

Lawn mowing is pretty straightforward work, but the features of your yard and the services provided will affect the cost of the job. See how the details affect pricing common yardwork on a ¼-acre lawn.

Basic Summer Maintenance: $35-50

  • • Features: A simple, flat yard with just a few trees is fairly simple to mow, trim, and clean up. This is a quick job for a pro who’s already working in the neighborhood.
  • • Services: Midsummer mowing just includes cutting the grass and trimming edges, services that are included in the pro’s basic rate.

Tough Terrain: $40 - $65

  • • Features: This yard takes more time to negotiate, with several trees, gardens, and hardscape features to mow and trim around. Whether the pro uses a larger crew or not, more man-hours are needed than for a simpler yard.
  • • Services: Basic mowing and trimming keep this a simple maintenance project, but the time needed for all that edging and trimming add labor costs to the bottom line.

The Works: $70 - $135

  • • Features: An average balance of grass and other features put this yard in the middle of the pack, in terms of complexity.
  • • Services: Extra seasonal services set this project apart on the price scale. Adding aerating, seeding, and fertilizing to the menu increases the time and supplies used on the job, and requires the pro to employ a couple extra pieces of equipment.

Lawn Mowing Services

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