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How Much Does Lawn Seeding Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > How Much Does Lawn Seeding Cost?
How Much Does Lawn Seeding Cost?

Seeding your lawn may be an essential step in establishing new landscaping, or a maintenance project that helps keep your yard lush and green. The condition and location of your lawn are important factors in the cost for lawn seeding services, as well as the type of application you choose. Traditional dry seed spreading is economical and practical for most applications, while hydroseeding is a viable alternative for large or sloped areas, or for spots that are difficult to reach for spreading seed and watering. Though a number of details can affect the price of the seed and the service, rates for lawn seeding typically range from $250 to $850 for most homes.

Average Prices

Seeding an Existing Lawn

Re-seeding an existing lawn requires prep work for seeds to germinate properly among existing grass. Your contractor may apply fertilizer, aerate, dethatch, rake, or even till your lawn to prepare it for overseeding the entire area, or just a few bare patches. Overseeding is often combined with lawn mowing services or seasonal projects and is usually priced according to the amount of time and seed needed for the job. Rates for typical yards may range from $80 to $300, depending on the level of preparation needed and the size of the yard. If your existing grass is in terrible shape and you’d like to start from scratch, the job is considerably more involved. Cutting and removing the sod to prepare for seeding is time-consuming and labor intensive, and can add $2 or more per square foot to the bottom line.


Seeding a New Lawn

The process of applying seed for a new lawn is the same for most applications, but preparation may be limited to raking and fertilizing. Prices for seeding new lawns across the country reflect variations in lot size and preparation requirements, but typically range from $400 to $800. If your seeding project is on a new site, getting your landscaper or lawn care contractor involved early can make grade planning and topsoil placement simpler during the construction process.


Lawn Seeding at Homes

Seeding residential lawns is a task most landscapers and lawn care providers are equipped for and experienced with. The size of your lawn, landscaping features, and needed prep work contribute to project costs, but an experienced pro can calculate an accurate estimate after checking out the site, discussing your plans with you, and testing your soil. Your contractor can determine what is required to prep your lawn for seeding, what type of grass is appropriate for your area, which application method is most efficient, and how to care for your newly planted lawn.


Lawn Seeding at Commercial Properties

The characteristics of landscaping at business and apartment buildings are often different than those at single family homes. Parking areas, walks, and other hardscape may affect the ease with which lawns can be seeded, and the ability to water and monitor a newly seeded site may affect the choice of application method. Hydroseeding requires less initial maintenance than traditionally seeded lawns and is often preferred to dry seed in commercial settings. The added convenience comes at a higher price tag; hydroseeding may cost 25 to 100 percent more than dry seeding, and is often done by a specialized contractor.


Lawn Size

Whether re-seeding an existing lawn or planting an entirely new landscape, a significant factor in pricing lawn seeding is the size of the service area. Prep work requirements as well as material and labor needed to spread seed and provide follow-up care increase with the size of a yard, and the cost-effectiveness of manual seeding and hydroseeding may shift with larger sites. In general, the cost per square foot or acre for yard work tends to go down as the scale of the job goes up.


Cost Comparisons

Low Average High
$250 - $600 $500 - $850 $2,400 - $6,500

The condition of your yard and the level of service needed for a lawn seeding project are important factors in pricing the job. Our scenarios show the difference the scope of work can make in seeding a 5,000 square foot lawn.

Seasonal Sprucing Up: $250 - $600

  • • Scope of the Job: Overseeding an established lawn is a job that’s easily incorporated in regular lawn service. Minor preparation is all that’s needed before adding new seed.
  • • Services and Preparation: If the yard is in good shape, little more than mowing may be needed before spreading seed. Dethatching, raking, or dealing with problem spots could complicate the job slightly and add $200 or more to the price of the job.

Getting a Good Start: $500 - $850

  • • Scope of the Job: Planting a lawn at a new site can be as simple as applying seed, mulch, and water. Though the level of work is similar to overseeding, more seed is needed to establish the lawn and it must be covered with mulch to retain moisture during germination.
  • • Services and Preparation: With the site graded and topsoil ready to go, grass seed and fertilizer can be spread easily without any special equipment. If topsoil, grading, or raking aren’t already done though, the cost of the job can double.

Starting Over: $2,400 - $6,500

  • • Scope of the Job: When neglect or other problems have left a yard in a mess, it may be best to start from scratch. Creating a clean slate on which to plant new seed can be very time-consuming and back-breaking work; equipment and labor costs make up the bulk of the cost on a job like this.
  • • Services and Preparation: If the lawn can be salvaged with weed treatments, dethatching, or tilling, it won’t take long for a crew to get some seed on the ground. However, if the old sod must be cut, removed, and hauled away, the complexity and cost of the job go up considerably.

Planning for a Lawn Seeding Project

Properly seeding a lawn can help build and maintain healthy and attractive turf at your home or business. Discuss the condition of your lawn with your contractor early in the season to plan for seeding at the optimum time, and address the extent of prep and follow-up work needed to ensure successful planting and a beautiful yard.

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