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How Much Does a Light Fixture Replacement Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > How Much Does a Light Fixture Replacement Cost?
How Much Does a Light Fixture Replacement Cost?

Changing a light fixture can be a good way to alter the atmosphere of any room. If your home has old, dull looking light fixtures, a new pendant light, chandelier, or track light, could be just the thing to add that special touch. In your basement, replacing the old incandescent fixtures with energy efficient fluorescent lighting will not only save money, but brighten things up as well. Old archaic globes in bedrooms and hallways can be replaced with new ceiling fixtures that shed more light, look nicer, and give a new clean feeling to the entire area.

Average Prices

Pendant Light Fixture Replacement

In basic terms, pendant lights are just a streamlined form of chandelier. Originally they got their name because they resembled a necklace with a pendant hanging from it. Less formal than their “chandelier cousin” they often offer a more casual atmosphere, and work great in everyday common living areas. That is not to say there are not formal pendant lights. They are simply “less common” than informal ones. Replacing a pendant light fixture is a relatively easy job for an electrician. You can expect the bill for replacement to be between $83 and $178.


Fluorescent Light Fixture Replacement

Early fluorescent lighting had several flaws. One of the most annoying was the constant flickering created by the gases in the bulb. Another problem was the constant humming of the transformer in the fixture. Several fixtures in a room could give a perceptible buzz that made concentration difficult. Technology has overcome these problems, and modern fluorescent lighting offers a wide array of usages. You can even purchase grow bulbs that offer the full spectrum of light, to start your spring plants. Fluorescent lighting replacement is fast and easy, usually costing between $70 and $151 per fixture.


Track Lighting Fixture Replacement

Track lighting is used for several purposes. In older homes track lights can be used without having to damage walls and ceilings. The wiring is surface mounted, then hid by the track itself. This eliminates the need for drywall repair. Track lighting is also often used to highlight a work of art, or focus on a work area, like a kitchen counter. Replacing a traditional fixture with a track type will cost between $80 and $172. It is important to note there are high and low voltage systems. Installing a low voltage bulb in a high voltage system can result in fire.


Ceiling Mount Fixture Replacement

Ceiling mount light fixtures are the most common type of indoor lighting. Sometimes these fixtures can be difficult to replace when they are mounted in a stairwell or high ceiling. Job specific scaffolding may need to be erected in some situations. In cases where the new fixture is smaller than the old one, the installation of a ceiling medallion can avoid costly painting repairs, and add a touch of class as well. For the most part, replacing a ceiling mount fixture is relatively low, costing between $71 and $152.


Wall Mount Light Fixture Replacement

Wall mounted lighting can be the perfect solution for romantic dining areas, home theater rooms, and living rooms. The addition of a dimmer switch can give the perfect light for any occasion. The indirect illumination often gives the impression of a more spacious and comfortable area, making guests and family feel more at ease. The replacement cost per fixture can be from $71 to $152, depending on where you live.


Light Fixture Replacement Service

If you are ready to line up a Pro for a light fixture replacement project, contact a light fixture replacement professional in your area to discuss the job. All of the Pros in our network have been background checked and our in-house staff has verified their credentials and insurance coverage. Hiring a trusted Pro can give you the assurance the job will be done right, every step of the way.


Many of today’s homes have a variety of lighting styles. The formal dining area may have an elegant pendant light, while the kitchen maintains track lighting, and ceiling fixtures might be found in the bedrooms; meanwhile the basement could be a growing space with fluorescent grow lamps. With all the options available today, there is no need to be timid. You can feel free to light up your life with all the dazzling displays, and not have to worry about décor.

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