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How Much Does a Living Room Remodel Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Living Room > How Much Does a Living Room Remodel Cost?
How Much Does a Living Room Remodel Cost?

Remodeling your living room can be a substantial improvement for your family, adding comfort, function, and value to your home. A living room project may involve several specific updates, or complete demolition and rebuilding of this important area. Assessing your design plans and several common renovation matters can help you plan and budget for your project.

Average Prices

Room Size

The scope of your living room remodel is defined, in part, by the size of the room. Since many aspects of construction are affected by the square footage of a site, the overall expense of your project will vary with the size of your renovation space. The average price for remodeling a 300-400 sq. ft. living room is $518 and prices increase accordingly with 400-500 sq. ft. rooms costing $782, $982 for 500-600 sq. ft. , $1238 for 600-700 sq. ft. and $1547 for 700-800 sq. ft. spaces.


Full and Partial Renovations

Often, work completed during previous renovations or in preparation for a new project can affect the complexity of new upgrades. Finished work may require extra precautions to protect it from damage during demolition and construction, but in most cases, completing a partial renovation requires less time and material than a start-to-finish job. Living room remodels for which some work was done previously typically costs an average of $847, compared to full renovations without any prep work complete which cost about $1238.



Flooring changes can be an important upgrade for your living room project. Flooring installations range from $409 to $1813, varying with the type of flooring, size of the room, and necessary prep work. If the removal of old surfaces is difficult or the repair of subfloors is necessary, the extra work may add expense to your project. Installation and prep requirements differ between wood, carpet, and tile, so be sure to discuss the implications of each option with your contractor.



A fireplace is a substantial design feature in a living room, and giving yours a face-lift can help change the entire room’s aesthetic. Fireplace projects range from $560 to $2483 in living room renovations, and since options vary from refinishing to tiling, custom millwork, and even the installation of an entirely new fireplace or insert, prices will relate to the nature and extent of work you have done.



Updates to your living room walls may include a number of improvements, from hanging drywall to applying texture, wallpaper, or custom paint treatments. Wall treatments cost from $520 to $2304, nationally and are affected by the amount of prep work required, and the type and intricacy of the finish you select. Room size and wall height are also factors in pricing wall treatments, since materials and equipment needed to reach and cover large or high walls may be considerable.



Ceiling finishes vary from simple painted drywall to textured panels and papers, wood treatments, and creative paint and trim finishes. Ceiling treatments cost between $518 and $2299 to install in living rooms, with prices varying with the materials you choose and the complexity of installation procedures. Multiple-stage installations, and applying features to especially high or slanted ceilings may increase projects costs, since they may require several visits, extensive prep work, or additional staging and equipment equipment.



Replacing or adding windows during your living room remodel can improve natural lighting and energy efficiency, but can also improve the entire look of the room. Prices for installing windows with your project may range from $330 to $1463, and will depend on the size, type, and number of windows you select. Repairs or modifications to your walls that are needed to accommodate windows may affect costs, as will related repairs to siding or trim outside your home.



Upgrading the lighting in your living room is an important improvement that is made most efficiently during renovations. While most light fixtures can be easily changed in a finished room, adding new fixtures and switches or making changes to their layout is simplest when framing is exposed and wiring can be run without difficulty or causing additional damage to your home. Since the complexity of your lighting changes will vary with the type, number, and location of fixtures and the extent of related wiring, you may expect to pay installation rates from $400 to $1774.



A popular upgrade in living room remodel is to change trim and moulding details. Dramatic trim elements can transform a room from mundane to elegant or from formal to casual. The size of your room and the type of mouldings you select will determine the time, skill, and materials needed to complete your job, which typically ranges from $309 to $1370. Common stock trims with painted finishes provide an economical design change, while using custom-milled pieces or superior wood species and fine finishes will add expense to the project.


Built-in Shelving

Custom cabinetry and shelving are a beautiful addition to a living room, whether for media storage, bookcases, or display. Adding built-in shelving to your room may require a finish carpenter or cabinet maker to build units specifically designed to fit your spaces, and may cost from $293 to $1302. As with trim and cabinetry installations, shelving prices vary with the size and style of the piece and the wood and finish options you select.


Living Room Remodeling Contractors

Careful planning with your remodeling contractor can help you anticipate variables in your remodel that will affect the difficulty and expense of the project. Evaluate the condition of your room and your design preferences to plan a renovation that improves the use of your living room for your whole family.

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