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How Much Do Local Moving Services Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Moving > How Much Do Local Moving Services Cost?
How Much Do Local Moving Services Cost?

Hiring a moving service to complete your local move can save you time and frustration, and protect your belongings. A number of factors influence the price of a local move, from the characteristics of your home to the distance of the move and the services that are included. Your mover can help you understand how these, and other variables, will influence the cost of your move.

Average Prices

Moving Services for Homes and Businesses

Since contents, layout, and accessibility often differ between homes and businesses, moving prices vary accordingly. Moving services for homes, which typically contain a variety of furniture pieces and other contents, cost an average of $223 for houses and $191 for apartments in the U.S. Local business moves often involve computers and machinery along with office furniture, and cost about $271.


Number of Rooms

Though local moves are typically priced by the hour, the number of the rooms in the home you are moving from is a helpful indicator of costs. Movers can estimate from the size and use of your home what equipment, supplies and manpower will be needed for the job, with a small move of one room costing $128, compared to two rooms for $156. Moving a three-room home may cost $189, while the average for four rooms is $211 and $267 for five rooms or more.


Number of Offices

Like homes, the number of offices or rooms in a commercial space helps determine the requirements of a move. Business facilities with only one room can be moved for around $172, while prices for additional rooms increase accordingly. Average prices for a two-room office move average $194, compared to $212 for three rooms, $236 for four, and $282 for five rooms.


Number of Floors at Origin Site

Like the overall size of your home and its rooms, the number of floors from which contents must be collected or carried will contribute to the time needed to complete your move. Moving from a single-level location typically costs about $196, while moving contents from two stories may cost $216. Moving prices average $240 for three stories, and $217 for locations over three levels.


Elevator Access

Use of an elevator can simplify any move and have an important impact on moving rates. Prices for making a move from a location with an elevator average $211, compared to $317 for one without elevator access. Likewise, moving rates are influenced by the availability of an elevator at the new location. Having an access to an elevator at your destination makes for an average move price of $227, while it may cost $338 without one.


Number of Floors at New Location

The features of the new location for your move are as important as those at the origin point when estimating the labor and time needed to complete the job efficiently. Moving your furniture and belongings into a single-story location may cost the average of $199, while moving or distributing them over several floors can cost $203 for two levels, $280 for three, and $217 for three stories or more.


Planning for a Local Move

The features of both the origin and destination sites for your move are important in planning for the demands and expenses of the job. Discuss with your mover how the size of your home or office influences the cost of your local move, and what services and materials are included in standard rates. Packing and unpacking, insurance, special handling, stairs, and seasonal or weekend scheduling may be considered premium services that are carry additional expense. Carefully consider the requirements of your move and the services that are available to help plan and budget for the project.

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