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Metal Roof Repair Guide

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Metal Roof Repair Guide

A lot of people shy away from putting in metal roofs, mainly due to the expense involved. But it is a known fact that metal roofs are extremely durable and long lasting. These are usually made from durable aluminum or steel that has been coated with a baked powder polymer coating. They do not need much maintenance and repairs are required very rarely. Most minor repairs can be handled by you but if there are any major repairs needed, it is best to call in the professionals.

  1. The repair work to be undertaken will depend on the material the roof is made of. Steel roofs can be fixed with soldering while aluminum roofs might need a patch made of wire mesh and roofing cement.

    1.By the Numbers

    A permit is required for re-roofing and major repairs to the roof. The exact stipulations in your area can be obtained by contacting the local zoning authority. Usually permits are not needed if the repair is being done on less than 100 square feet of the roof area.


    Metal roof repairs like fixing a small hole or some rust spots can be done with a little bit of guidance and tips. The repair work to be undertaken will depend on the material the roof is made of. Steel roofs can be fixed with soldering while aluminum roofs might need a patch made of wire mesh and roofing cement.

  2. 2.Soldering the Metal Roof

    You must first obtain a piece of metal similar to the one used on your roof and trim it to a size that covers the hole and extends a little beyond that on all four sides. If you have been unable to find a piece of metal which is the exact same color as your roof, you can use automotive paint of the appropriate color to create a match. After you have trimmed the piece to the required size, fold down about half an inch of the metal on all sides and tighten it in place with the pliers.


    Then, use a wire brush to clean the roof where the patch is to be affixed and apply soldering flux all around the hole and on the patch of metal. Then place the patch with the folded side down on the hole and place some heavy weight atop it to hold it in place. Then solder the patch using a soldering gun around the edges. Remember to wear protective clothing and goggles as well as leather gloves when you are doing all this.

  3. 3.Roofing Mesh Repair

    If the roof is made of aluminum, you will have to use a wire mesh for patching holes and leaks instead of soldering. For this, you will have to first cut two pieces of wire roofing mesh that can cover the damaged portion. After you clean the damaged area, spread some urethane roofing cement over it and then place one piece of mesh patch over it. Then you must apply one more layer of the roofing cement over this piece of wire mesh. The second piece of wire mesh can then be placed atop this and sealed with some more roofing cement.

  4. 4.Precautions

    When carrying out any kind of repairs to a roof, you must exercise the utmost caution. If you intend to climb on to the roof to carry out the repair, you must first ensure that it is capable of bearing your weight. Try to avoid getting on the roof in wet or cold weather to minimize risk of accidents. If possible you should attempt to carry out the repairs from atop a ladder placed next to the roof. Make sure the ladder doesn’t have any missing rungs or is not damaged in any other way. Ideally you should get someone to hold the ladder while you ascend it. But if this is not possible, you can anchor the ladder with some type of heavy object or weight. Keep all your tools in a belt so that it is easy for you to carry them and access them when working on your roof. Going up and down for every tool is impractical, time consuming, and dangerous.


    Keeping these guidelines in mind and following the safety measures can help you get your metal roof repaired in a professional manner. Make sure you have all the tools and materials necessary to get the job done before you climb up onto the roof.


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