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Molding and Trim Options

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Molding and Trim Options

You can enhance the interior rooms of your home by adding moulding and trim to the walls. Although optional, adding architectural elements along the tops of the walls, the base of the walls and around doors and windows can create a new and striking appeal in your rooms.


Installing these architectural elements will not require extensive carpenter skills to complete. Once you know the moulding and trim options available, you can choose the ones you like and install them in your home.

  1. 1.Crown Moulding

    When you install other moulding and trim throughout a room, adding baseboard trim creates an even, balanced appearance.

    Crown moulding creates a decorative transition at the point where walls and ceiling meet. Crown moulding can vary in size and detail, with some styles having a simple appearance and other styles exhibiting a detailed and ornate look. With crown moulding installed along the ceiling of a room, the effect will be a softened transition instead of the sharp, 90-degree angle where the wall ends and the ceiling begins.


    Add additional build-up pieces to crown moulding to enhance the effect and create wider moulding designs. The larger the build-up pieces, the more ornate and formal the effect. Very large pieces create an architectural style that enhances the formality of a room.


    To learn the ins and outs of installing crown molding, read our comprehensive guide on How to Install Crown Molding.

  2. 2.Door Casing

    Interior doorways often need a little extra architectural boost – especially if you are installing crown mouldings around the upper edge of the walls. With door casing trim around the doorways, you succeed in hiding any gaps between drywall and doorframes as well as adding to the overall architectural themes of the room.

  3. 3.Casing Build-up

    Enhance openings and transitions between rooms with casing build-up trim. These trim pieces can match the same style and decor of the door casing and crown moulding to tie the entire room together attractively.

  5. 4.Chair Rail

    Chair rail pieces serve two functions – additional decor and to protect walls from typical dents and scuffs that can occur at the point where chairs may meet the walls. The general height of a chair rail should be approximately 32 to 36 inches above the floor.

  6. 5.Baseboard

    Baseboard trim softens the transition between the walls and the floor. Because there may be gaps between drywall and floor, baseboard serves a functional purpose to cover this area. When you install other moulding and trim throughout a room, adding baseboard trim creates an even, balanced appearance. Make sure baseboard pieces match the other styles throughout the room for a pleasing effect.

  7. 6.Wainscoting

    You might install wainscoting between the chair rail and the baseboard trim of the room. Wainscoting consists of panels, matching the features and styles of the other moulding and trim installed in the room. Wainscoting panels can be simple or ornate, designed to match the other wood trim in a room.


    The finished result of adding moulding and trim to a room depends on the amount you add and the size of the pieces. With these architectural elements, you can create a casual or formal style in any room of your home.

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