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Mud Room Guide

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Mud Room Guide

A mud room can serve a variety of purposes in a home. The name provides clues about what sorts of activities might occur in a mud room. Generally, this is the room that contains and enables you to process all of the dirt and mud that comes into the house from the outside.


Mudrooms contain a spot for hanging coats, a place to store shoes, a bench to sit on while putting on or removing shoes and ample storage for items. If you need a mud room in your home, use a mud room guide to help you design and create this versatile and functional room.

  1. Additional deep shelves, cubbies and bins on the walls will make ideal places for stowing the clutter that makes a home disorganized.

    1.Advantages of a Mud Room

    When you have a specific room or area in your home to contain the dirt that people bring in on their shoes or clothing, you can keep the rest of your home cleaner. Generally, the floor of a mud room will be easy to clean with a damp mop as people come in with dirty shoes.


    In addition, a mud room helps you keep the rest of your home more organized and neat because your family will have a specific spot to hang coats, stow mittens, place shoes and store other items.


    If your mud room has a door separating it from the rest of the house, you might enjoy an energy-saving buffer because outdoor air won’t enter into your living areas. This can keep cold air out in the winter and warm air out in the summer.

  2. 2.Mud Room Features

    Select the floor of the mud room carefully to ensure that you’ll be able to keep it clean. Vinyl, tile, stone and concrete are all materials that won’t require extensive maintenance to keep clean. Add mats or area rugs to the floor to help collect additional mud and dirt from shoes before family members track the dirt elsewhere into the house.


    Storage is what makes a mud room such a bonus. Place hooks on the walls for hanging coats and backpacks. Add a shelf low on the wall for shoes and boots. Additional deep shelves, cubbies and bins on the walls will make ideal places for stowing the clutter that makes a home disorganized.


    Don’t forget hampers to hold dirty laundry and recycling bins to collect the family’s recycling trash.


    Place a bench along one wall to enable people to sit while they take off or put on shoes and boots.

  4. 3.Mud Room Location

    The ideal location for a mud room is just inside the main family entrance to the house. This might be between the garage and the house or at the back door. This ensures that the family will use the mud room as the transition zone between the outside and the inside of the house.


    Once you’ve got a functioning mud room in your home, you may be amazed at the difference it makes. Your family will have a specific area for keeping items and your home should stay cleaner.

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