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Nifty Gate Repair Tips and Tricks

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Fence > Nifty Gate Repair Tips and Tricks
Nifty Gate Repair Tips and Tricks

Surrounding your property with a fence adds security, privacy and aesthetic beauty to your landscape. To enable convenient entry and exit through the fence, it will also be necessary to include gates. Keep your fence gates in good working order for easy passage into and out of your property.


There are many details to consider, both when choosing a fence and as you maintain its functionality and beauty. Utilize nifty gate repair tips and tricks to keep your gates moving smoothly and to make sure your fence operates as nicely as it looks.

  1. Because sagging gates are a common problem, you can purchase a gate repair kit with all the materials necessary to fix your gate.

    1.Gate Information

    In general, a fence gate spans between two fence posts – one fence posts holds the gate hinges and the other post holds the gate latch. For optimal gate operation, the fence post that holds the hinges must be installed in the ground with a cement footing. The fence post that holds the latch can also have a cement footing, but it isn’t mandatory. Gate hinges should be a minimum of 7 inches long for effective and secure operation.

  2. 2.Dragging Gate

    If your gate begins to sag, you will have difficulty operating it and it may become inoperable eventually. Because sagging gates are a common problem, you can purchase a gate repair kit with all the materials necessary to fix your gate. The kit should include a turnbuckle, two corner brackets with mounting hardware and wire cable to attach to the corner brackets.


    To fix the gate, attach one corner bracket to the top hinge corner on the hinge side of the gate. Attach the other corner bracket at the bottom corner, diagonal from the top corner bracket. Attach the cable to the brackets and then the turnbuckle. Tighten the turnbuckle until the gate doesn’t sag anymore. Test the gate – you should be able to move it freely.

  3. 3.Fast Sag Repair

    If the concrete footings of your fence posts won’t stay secure and the fence gate continues to sag, despite your repair attempts, another option may be a small metal wheel underneath the gate.


    Attach the wheel to the bottom moving edge of the gate -- on the opposite side of the hinges. The wheel will support the weight of the gate, help it move more easily and keep it from sagging further. Use wire to fasten the wheel axle to the bottom of the gate and stretch the wire tightly to ensure that the wheel doesn’t wobble as you move the gate.

  5. 4.Gate Latch Repair

    If the fence posts supporting your fence gate move, your gate latch may not align properly. To repair this quickly, install two small boards on either side of the latch hole on the gatepost. The small boards will hold the latch securely in place when you close the gate.


    A gate that doesn’t operate smoothly and efficiently will be a constant source of frustration. With just a little effort, you can perform minor repairs to keep your gate moving correctly.


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