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Office Remodel Guide

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Office Remodel Guide

Offices, after a certain amount of time, become a couple of things. Either a holy mess, inefficient or resemble a setting from the series “Mad Men.” Sometimes an office make-over is required because you’ve simply outgrown the old space. Before you start this project, let’s pose some questions.

  1. 1.Goals?

    For shallow water, a ladder should help you punch the poles into the bottom. Deep water will require a barge.

    There’s got to be a purpose behind this change. What is your ultimate goal? Start at the end and work your way into the details. For example, you’d like to unclutter your work space. It would be helpful if there was a place for everything, a place where you could easily find what you are looking for. The walls are dark and the lighting is too bright. You only have two electrical outlets. Draw-up a list of needs. Compile another sheet of stuff you rarely use. This exercise will help you suss out where you want to start.

  2. 2.Costs

    Once again, if it’s your own office, it’s going to be much less of a hassle. Going big? What’s your budget? The basic cost for a telemarketer’s cubicle is around one-thousand dollars. A bookkeeper’s area is double that amount. Will you need to do any rewiring? Are you adding some new technology? Are you hiring a consultant to make expert suggestions and organize the logistics?

  3. 3.Image

    Trying to spruce-up the image for your clients? Color changes can work miracles. Areas to consider start with the carpets and crawl up the wall. Make sure that you ramp-up the reception area, too. That’s the first place people get a feel for your business.

  5. 4.Timeline

    Is this just your office that needs remodeling? Are you talking about turning-over the entire floor of cubicles? How many workstations are we talking about?


    If it’s just your office, things are going to be easier. If it’s the whole company, you probably want to put together a group of folks for input and suggestions. At the first meeting, bring to the table things like how long it takes management to approve major plans, what type of workstations appeal to the team, how long will it take the manufacturer to build, ship and install the products.

  6. 5.Experts

    The folks who sell you the office furniture generally have interior designers on staff. Introduce these experts to and make them part of the inter-office team. These folks are usually considered part of the cost of the retailer doing the business. Once on-board, they’ll not only offer design options but also space planning, project management and installation. Why ask the staff to come in on their weekends to pitch in with this project. Leave it to the pros.


    Updating the look of your workplace helps not only give everyone a sense of a new beginning. Properly planned it will hike the employee’s spirits and productivity. It may lead to strengthening the bottom line on the books. Sure, you’re going to have to pay to play, but the ROI can be quite tangible.


    Try not to remodel in a piecemeal fashion. No one will notice. Splash everyone’s senses with a blast of change for the best effect.

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