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Outdoor Lighting Repair Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > Outdoor Lighting Repair Guide
Outdoor Lighting Repair Guide

After investing money in landscape lighting for the outside of your home and property, you expect it to remain in working condition. While quality outdoor lighting adds to your home’s exterior appearance, dismal or malfunctioning lighting can make your home appear dingy and neglected. If issues arise, you may need to hire an outdoor lighting contractor with the expertise necessary to take care of lighting issues. Whether your exterior lighting needs basic repairs or extensive renovation, an outdoor lighting expert has the skills to assess and perform the work.


While you may have basic home improvement abilities to take care of many odd jobs around your home, leave electrical work to the professionals. This will eliminate your worries over work quality, leaving you able to concentrate on other things.

  1. 1.Common Repairs

    If you notice some, but not all, lights going out in your outdoor lights, you may have connection issues. Corrosion is a common problem, brought on by the exterior location of the lights. If all outdoor lights go out, an electrical short has probably occurred. If an electrical short isn’t the culprit, the fuse or the breaker might be the issue. Dim bulbs indicate improper voltage, and too many bulbs and extensive wire on a system can create a voltage drop that will not keep bulbs burning correctly. Dirt and debris often shifts to interfere with electrical connections, requiring dismantling and cleaning to resolve the connection.

  3. 2.Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

    Outdoor lighting requires ongoing maintenance to keep it working correctly. A professional will replace all burnt-out bulbs, clean out debris from around fixtures, tighten loose components and refocus the light projections. During the maintenance work, the professional will also survey the system to find broken light stakes, exposed wiring and broken lights. The professional will check voltages and reset timers as part of standard lighting maintenance, also.

  5. 3.Benefits of Professional Repair

    With a professional working on your outdoor lighting system, you have assurance of expert work to resolve all problems. Electrical systems have specific safety codes that require expertise. An expert on the job will have the knowledge and skills necessary to complete the work according to code. A professional possesses the tools and equipment necessary to evaluate your outdoor lighting, test the components and make necessary repairs.

  7. 4.Repair or Renovate?

    The professional you hire to repair your outdoor lighting needs a thorough understanding of landscape lighting. Diagnosing and repairing an exterior lighting system can be more challenging than installing a new system due to the intricacies that often occur with an existing lighting system. It’s also mandatory for any repairs to comply with electrical codes to ensure that the entire system remains safe. A professional has the experience necessary to assess a system and determine whether repairs will resolve the problems or whether renovation is necessary for safety and continued operation. Ask questions about a renovation recommendation. It may be possible to reuse some lighting components with the new lighting system to save money.

  9. 5.Hiring a Professional

    Find a professional with solid electrical experience with outdoor lighting. The issues with voltage and corrosion are specific to outdoor lighting and an outdoor lighting technician will have the skills necessary to resolve these problems. As you choose a professional, do your research to find one that has qualifying experience, checking references to learn about job history and prior work performed on similar systems.

  11. 6.Possible Problems

    Without a professional working on your outdoor lighting, your system may not remain in accordance with electrical codes. If a professional does not have experience with a broad range of lighting products, you may not receive qualified or comprehensive repair of your outdoor lighting.


    The professional will need to diagnose the issues and present an effective plan for resolving them. You may have more than one option for resolving your lighting issues, which might require receiving guidance from the professional to enable you to choose the best option. Different repair options might be more or less expensive, so cost often factors into your repair decision.

  13. 7.Costs of Repair

    The cost of hiring an expert to repair your outdoor lighting depends on the total scope of the work and your geographical location. The costs range from $95 to $274 for repairs, with $161 being the average cost to repair exterior lighting. If you have accent bullet lights, expect to pay $82 for repair or replacement work and driveway markers will cost $77. Serious issues with the transformer or power supply might necessitate more expensive work, rising up to $318.


Give your outdoor lighting a facelift and brighten up your landscape with repair to your outdoor lighting system. A professional lighting repair contractor has the expertise necessary to resolve all issues and help you maintain your system.

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