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How Much Does Paint Removal Cost?

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How Much Does Paint Removal Cost?

Removing paint is an important step in preparation to restore or refinish a surface. Paint removal can be performed by a specialist, painting contractor or service technician with appropriate experience. The size and location of the painted surface, the type of paint to be removed and the condition of the surface are important factors in pricing this service, and special solvents, equipment or contractors needed to complete the job may add to its cost.

Average Prices

Removing Paint from Exterior Structures

A common influence on the price of paint removal is the type and accessibility of the structure to be treated. Nationally, average costs for stripping paint from the exterior of a house are $675, compared to $618 for fencing, $826 for decks, and $565 for patios. Special equipment is often required to complete paint removal; prices may increase if staging, pressure washers or sandblasters are needed, and if special handling of toxic solvents or lead paint is needed.


Size of Paint Removal Site

Paint removal contractors may price your job at an hourly rate or according to its size, depending on the nature of the surface. The average price in the U.S. for removing paint from an area less than 200 square feet is $436, $409 for 200-500 square feet, $827 for 500-1000 square feet, and $1273 for an area 1000 square feet or more.


Removing Paint from Wood

Removing paint from wood services can require a number of tools, techniques, and stripping compounds. Nationally, prices for the removal of paint from wood surfaces range from $323 to $1141, and depend largely on the type of paint to remove and the size and intricacy of the object or structure. These factors help determine which techniques and tools are the most safe and efficient, and indicate the time and skill required to complete the job.


Removing Paint from Stucco

The textured surface of stucco may require special handling to remove paint without damaging the surface underneath. Flaking, chipping paint may be safely removed with wire brushes or water pressure, but often, chemical paint strippers or solvents are needed. Removing paint from stucco typically costs between $421 and $1489 in the U.S., and varies with the size of the job and condition of the paint and the underlying surface.


Removing Paint from Metal

The condition of your metal surface and the type of paint used on it are important factors in determining the best method for removal. Your contractor may use chemicals, brushes, heat, or media blasting to remove paint, and the technique he uses will help determine the price of your project. Nationally, prices for removing paint from metal range from $282 to $997 and are also affected by the size and location of the job.


Removing Paint from Stone

As with other surfaces, several methods may be used to remove paint from stonework, including heating, sanding and brushing, media blasting, and applying chemical strippers. The type of stone and paint are important considerations for choosing a technique and tools that will not damage the surface. Removing paint from stone surfaces may require the expertise of a masonry restorer, and typically costs between $218 and $1156.


Removing Paint from Brick

Options for removing paint from brick are similar to those for other surfaces, but caution must be taken not to damage mortar joints between bricks with high-pressure washing or blasting. Paint removal from brick is priced from $247 to $873 in the U.S., and is often affected by the type of solvents required and if a restorer or mason is needed to perform the job or make repairs to bricks or mortar.


Removing Paint from Concrete

The difficulty with which paint is removed from concrete often depends on whether the surface was properly sealed before it was painted. Paint is often absorbed by porous, unsealed concrete, so aggressive methods may be required to completely remove it. Your contractor must choose a method that is effective method but will not damage the concrete surface. Removing paint from concrete costs between $304 and $1073 nationally, and ranges with the type of finish and the methods used.


Planning for Paint Removal

Important considerations for your paint removal project center around the type and condition of the paint and the surface to be treated. The complexity and cost of your job will be also affected by the location of the surface, as both weather conditions and limitations of interior spaces may increase the difficulty of the job. Specialists needed to restore certain surfaces may come at a premium, since their skills, equipment and travel time contribute to their service rates, and special handling, disposal, or safety measures may add to the expenses of the job. Evaluating these aspects of your project will help you plan and budget for your restoration.

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