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Patio Cleaning Guide

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Patio Cleaning Guide

A patio is a special place in the home because it is not really in it. The patio is part of the building structure, but at the same time it is out in the open. It is a place to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing the comforts of the building. In many ways the way a patio looks and is maintained says more about the people who live in the home than other parts of the actual building.

  1. In many ways the way a patio looks and is maintained says more about the people who live in the home than other parts of the actual building.

    1.Blemishes Standout

    It is easy to take patios for granted. A regular sweep and dusting can keep it looking okay. But patios are subject to the effects of weather and over time, these can change the way it looks. The change is gradual and often unnoticed until on warm spring day you take you cup of coffee out to enjoy the fresh air and realize that the material is looking worn out and unkempt. And that is all that is needed to take away the joy that it should offer. Also, if you are among those who likes to entertain on the patio, the fresh eyes of your friends will notice the problems with its appearance far more quickly that you, who see it every day, will.

  2. 2.The Importance of Regular Patio Cleaning

    Cleaning the patio is not only about maintaining it appearance. The effects of weather and plant life can damage it and the furniture that is kept there and that can lead to expensive repair or replacement costs. Patio cleaning is not a difficult task and it requires no special equipment. All that is needed is for you, and hopefully other members of the family, to use a little elbow grease. The best way to go about it is to divide the work into two segments – cleaning all that is on the patio and then cleaning the deck itself.


    The amount of work and the use of special cleaning solvents will depend on the condition of the patio. If you feel that the work is too much or that there is repair work that is beyond a DIY effort, it may be best to call in professionals to do the job. If that is the case, you will find details of patio cleaning specialists in your area online. You will also find information about suppliers of patio cleaning materials there. Remember that as, Better Homes and Gardens magazine says, the look of a patio is an outward reflection of the interior of the home.

  3. 3.Work is Required

    If you do not want to maintain a patio, you are better off not having one. You may as well just have some more lawn space and a small porch for exiting and entering your home. Patios are maintenance intensive by their very nature, certainly wooden ones. They may not as difficult as a wooden deck to maintain but they still require physical effort to keep clean and so they do not fall into disrepair. This is just something you should understand. They are as about as maintenance intensive as your car. If you do not maintain your patio, it will detract from the value of your home and abate your mood whether or not you realize it.

  5. 4.How to Clean the Patio

    A regular sweeping and mopping will reduce the frequency at which more vigorous cleaning will need to be done. Use a strong broom for the brushing – there are many that are specially made for patios and driveways. For the mopping, plain water is usually enough as frequent use of cleaning solvents may damage the stone or wood.


    Inspect the patio a few times each year to look for grass, plants, and weeds growing between the stones or planks. This is not just a cosmetic exercise – the plant life can, as it grows, can cause heaving of the deck surface and the uneven stones and planks can be dangerous and easy to trip on. Dig out the weeds and grass with a knife or patio weeded. If they continue to return frequently, try using a weed killer which should produce long lasting results.


    Now use a high pressure hose to wash away the accumulated dirt and grime. If need be you can use a solution of household detergent and warm water to scrub away the dirt. And if this does not do the job or if there are stubborn stains that do not go, use a commercial patio cleaning product. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent any damage to the deck and to keep it shiny and looking brilliant.

  6. 5.Enjoy Your Patio

    The patio is often the most relaxed and informal part of the home and it is a place where everyone can unwind. How much pleasure you derive from it depends on the how it is maintained.

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