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How Much Does Pet Waste Clean-up Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > How Much Does Pet Waste Clean-up Cost?
How Much Does Pet Waste Clean-up Cost?

Hiring a pet waste removal service can improve the health and safety of your lawn and simplify one of your least pleasant yard tasks. Pricing for clean-up services may vary with your location, yard size, and number of pets, but is generally an economical solution for an unpleasant problem.

Average Prices

Service Locations

Different types of properties may have various needs for pet waste removal, depending on whether they are residential or commercial locations. Since homes and apartments are more likely to have regular pet traffic, waste volume may require more frequent service, and costs an average of $64 per month for clean-up at homes and $267 for lawns at apartment buildings. Clean-up needs at commercial sites will vary with their location and the nature of the business, but service rates typically average $114.


Number of Dogs

The number of dogs at your home will directly affect the cost of clean-up services, since having more dogs translates to having more waste. The average monthly service rate for a home with one dog is $58, compared to rates of $67 for two dogs, $74 for three, $89 for four, and $118 to clean up after five dogs.


Frequency of Clean-Up

Like many yard tasks, pet clean-up is easier the more frequently it is done. While most pet waste removal services will perform one-time or occasional services, pricing is often most economical for regularly scheduled cleanings. A single cleaning often costs as much as $82, while more frequent service averages $48 for daily clean-up, $26 for service twice a week, $13 for weekly, $18 for semi-monthly, and $36 for monthly services.


Time Since Last Clean-Up

For occasional services, the length of time since your last yard clean-up may influence pricing. If your lawn was last cleaned a week ago, you can expect to pay about $16 for service, while waiting two weeks may cost $21 and cleaning after a month may cost about $48. Similarly, cleaning up only at the beginning or end of the season may require a substantial amount of time and come at a higher cost.


Planning for Pet Waste Services

Consider the size of your yard and the number of dogs using it to plan cleaning frequency for regular service, and bear in mind that for periodic or seasonal cleaning, the length of time between cleanings may impact rates. Your cleaning provider can help you determine what service schedule is best for your circumstances so you can relax and enjoy a clean, healthy lawn.

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