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How Much Does a Phone Jack Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > How Much Does a Phone Jack Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Phone Jack Installation Cost?

For many of us there’s still no substitute for a traditional “land line,” that hard-wired phone line with access jacks in the walls of the house. A cell phone merely uses radio-frequency transmission to get signals to wired network; hence traditional phones are far from obsolete. There are even models that allow your cell phone to work with the home wiring via Wi-Fi. Let’s look at the cost of installing phone jacks.

Average Prices

Additional Jacks with Existing Wiring

Most new houses are being built with quite a bit of “media cabling” these days, including network cables, and HDTV connectors, for entertainment and communication. In older homes, you will likely find only a couple of existing phone jacks. Should you wish to add more, you’ll need to tap into the existing wires and run additional lines to the place where you want put your phone’s base station(s). Installers can do this easily by removing baseboards, drilling into a wall to route new cables, adding and securing the jacks at the end and testing the system for electrical noise. Most installers charge about $119 to $236 per jack.


New Jacks and New Wiring

For houses that either have no wiring at all, or the existing cables are damaged or unusable, you’ll need an installer to route all the wiring though the walls and possibly add a new Telephone Network Interface (usually these are provided by the phone company). This will require removing baseboards, drilling holes, running wires and testing each jack – you should count on $146 to $288 for these installations.


Full Inter-Wall Access

In some houses it will be easy to drill into walls and through wood studs to route your wiring; this is often the case with older homes that do not have things like network cabling and appliance controls in the walls, or when you are adding phone wiring as part of a larger remodel – in this case you’ll likely be redoing your walls anyway so it’s not a big deal to tear them open and patch them later. This will make things easier as your installer can do whatever is necessary to lay the wires, including cutting drywall, replacing baseboards, and drilling holes. For each jack, figure on spending from $78 to $192 on average.


No Inter-Wall Access

It may not be practical for you to install wires through your existing walls, either because you do not wish to damage and repair them, or if there are complex wiring and piping layouts that prevent or complicate additional wiring. For these situations, you should lay the cabling underneath baseboards until you’ll near the jack, or have it attached to the wall with small inconspicuous cable clamps that can screw into drywall. You’ll likely need to drill at least one hole through the floor in order to route the cable back to your interface box, however, so be sure it’s filled up completely with wood filler or caulk when you’re done. Budget around $114 to $232 for this type of installation.


Number of Phone Jacks

Although many home-phone systems today use a “base station” with cordless handsets, it is advisable to add a few jacks throughout your house when doing an install. This will allow you to add extra base stations in areas that have spotty coverage, and can also simplify adding extra lines (phone numbers) should you need to in the future. Once an installer has begun wiring a jack, it’s straightforward to add a few more, and can generally be done in 15 minutes or so per jack. So it makes sense to get it all done at once, as most installers will have a basic one-hour charge anyway. For a basic installation of one to four jacks (assuming no major complications as described above with the walls), plan on spending $138 to $243 on average.


Phone Jack Installation Services

If you are ready for a phone jack installation project, contact Pro Referral to find a quality phone jack installation pro in your area to discuss the job. All our pros have been background checked and our in-house staff has verified their credentials and insurance coverage. Hiring a trusted pro with Pro Referral will give you the assurance the job will be done right, every step of the way.

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