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Phone Jack Repair Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > Phone Jack Repair Guide
Phone Jack Repair Guide

Nearly every single home in this day and age is outfitted with phone jacks. They were our primary means of communication be it via telephone or connecting to the internet. Some homes today don’t utilize phone jacks – but the vast majority of us do, and even these simple communication jacks still need to be repaired or replaced from time to time.


It’s crucial to have a connection to the outside world, and waiting days or even weeks to have that connection repaired can be bothersome for our busy schedules. Thankfully there are contractors who are skilled and efficient in phone jack repairs and phone jack replacements. Now the trick is finding the right one for the job.

  1. 1.Communicate Your Communications Issue

    Needing someone to fix your landline? Ask around! Talk to your neighbors, friends and family members to find out if they’ve been in a similar situation before, and what they did about the problem.


    Troubleshoot your issue. Check the connections at each segment of wiring to try and pinpoint the issue. Is the wire from your phone to dock intact? What about from the dock to the wall? Solid connection? If the wiring you check doesn’t seem to show any wear or damage, you may need to replace or repair the phone jack in the wall – and sometimes even the wiring behind the wall.


    Talk to your friends and neighbors about your problem, and see who they might recommend. Wiring is a common issue that contractors take care of, and chances are someone had their phone jack replaced by a professional. If they did a good enough job, that individual may reference you to that company – and a word-of-mouth reference is a reference you can usually trust.

  2. 2.Background Check Your Potential Contractor

    If you have had a hard time troubleshooting the actual issue with your phone jack, schedule an appointment with your local contractor to come and check it out.

    Phone jacks are one of the longest lasting components in a home. They usually require replacement once in a great while. That being said, it can seem like a random thing for you to be requesting phone jack repair more than three times in your lifetime. But for contractors – it’s the kind of stuff they do every day.


    Talk to your local electrical contractors about how long they’ve been operating in homes, how many years of experience they have with communication lines, and how experienced their personnel are. An experienced contractor will perform a more efficient and complete job – and those are the kinds of hands you want performing your phone jack repair or phone jack replacement.

  3. 3.Identifying the Problem

    If you have had a hard time troubleshooting the actual issue with your phone jack, schedule an appointment with your local contractor to come and check it out. Once again – the experienced contractor is the one you want to do this. An honest appraisal and accurate estimate is your only defense against needless spending – and an experienced contractor with years of experience has a proven track record of satisfaction. This is what we’re looking for – a reliable professional who can tell you the truth about your situation.

  4. 4.Getting Back to the Conversation

    After your contractor diagnoses the issue and gives you an estimate, keep asking questions! How common a problem is this? Have you handled anything like this before? If so, how many times?


    Ask your contractor about the fundamentals of your issue at hand, and the experience they have in rectifying these issues. Ask about turnaround time, how quickly can the repair/replacement be done? Additionally, ask your contractor to give any advice they have on preventing what caused the damage in the first place.

  5. 5.Scheduling the Work

    When scheduling the work to be done on your phone jack, you should try to shoot for a time frame that will cause you the least interruption from your daily routine. If the job will only take a few hours, you can schedule it while you are at work. If you work from home, see if the contractor has a time frame where you won’t be at home for all or at least part of the day.

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