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How Much Does a Piano Move Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Moving > How Much Does a Piano Move Cost?
How Much Does a Piano Move Cost?

Pianos are sensitive instruments that require skill, patience, and back breaking labor when a move becomes necessary. Simply grabbing ahold of one and lugging it through a house, or up and down steps, is likely to cause damage and require expensive repairs that can often cost more than a professional move. Even if it is a small piano, proper procedures must be followed to maintain the integrity of the mechanical correlation to sound.

Average Prices

Studio Upright

The studio upright is the smallest of the full sized pianos. But don’t let its size fool you. These pianos weigh between 300 and 400 pounds. They are often kept in city apartments that require them to be transported up and down in elevators and stairways. Moving one of these instruments requires at least 2 strong men and will cost between $195 and $316.


Upright Pianos

Upright pianos are the big brother to the studio piano. These towering apparatuses are over 45 inches tall, and weigh 600 to 800 pounds. The tallest ones are sometimes called upright grand pianos. Several men are required to make a successful move of one of these. Sometimes it even becomes necessary to remove doors and walls to place the piano where it needs to be. The cost of this service can be from $196 to $318.


Player Upright Pianos

Player uprights are antique pianos. They have a mechanism that holds a paper roll that is punched out to play a particular tune. Few of these pianos remain since moving them requires specialized care that is seldom utilized. Weighing about a hundred pounds more than a standard upright, these units require even more manpower than a standard model. The cost of moving one of these is usually from $194 to $315.


Baby Grand

Baby grand pianos are often purchased because they take up less space than a full size grand piano. They are less than 6 feet in length, and often wider than they are long. This creates the necessity of tall and wide openings to move it through. To move one through a standard house, the service of a remodeling contractor may be needed to remove and replace walls and doors. The cost to move baby grand can range anywhere from $250 to $405.


Studio Grand

Studio grand pianos are larger than baby grand’s, and used in studios where music is recorded. Sought by musicians for their rich sound, they are difficult to move, and will usually remain in the same setting for many years. The cost to move one of these fine pianos can be from $255 to $413.


Parlor Grand

A parlor grand piano is one of the larger pianos. Ranging in length from five feet six inches to almost seven feet, they have long strings that produce clear vibrant tones. A parlor grand can weigh 900 pounds and take considerable time to prepare for a move. The cost of this service runs from $414 to $657.


Pianos are specialized instruments that require experienced professionals to move. If you have a studio upright or a parlor grand, it can save time and money to hire a professional service to transfer your precious work of art. If your bulky buddy volunteers to grab ahold of one end for a 6 pack, you might be wise to set him down and drink one with him, while you watch the experts do the job.


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