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How Much Does Pipe Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > How Much Does Pipe Installation Cost?
How Much Does Pipe Installation Cost?

It takes several different types of piping for efficient operation of the average American home. Often, there are several different types of piping that can be used to achieve the same purpose. A good example is plumbing pipe. There are two main types of piping used for potable water, copper and PVC. Well supply piping is usually galvanized, but in some cases, plastic is acceptable. Black pipe and copper play a major role in gas systems.

Average Prices

Gas Pipe Installation

Most community building codes call for a special pipe called “black pipe” for gas pipe installations. Black pipe consists of the same basic material as galvanized pipe, except it does not have a zinc coating. The threaded ends of black pipe are also different in that they are tapered. The standard cost for gas pipe installation from tank to appliance usually runs anywhere from $134 to $543 depending on the length of the run.


Water Pipe Installation

The cost of water pipe installation varies greatly depending on the type of material used. Copper was widely introduced in the U.S. during the 1920’s. It was a cheap material to produce, and could be formed into piping with minimal effort. Originally considered inferior to galvanized pipe, copper has become the gold standard for potable water distribution. Today’s cost of both, material and labor for copper piping installation, reflects its number one status. In some cases, it can cost four times more to do a job with copper, as opposed to its nearest competitor, PVC. An average size home plumbing installation, done with copper, can cost anywhere from $131 to $532 depending on location and number of water outlets.


Purpose for Installation

It isn’t always easy to determine what type of contractor to call for a particular type of pipe installation. While it is obvious a heating contractor is necessary for central heating duct work, and a plumber is the one to call for water piping, some projects require a special touch. Installing a vent on a large BBQ grill or fireplace may require a professional from a local wood stove retailer. The area gas company can probably handle water heater venting, and a reputable remodeling contractor may be just the ticket to run the dryer vent or stove hood vent. The cost for these services will usually be between $133 and $537.


Location in House

The location of the proposed project is not only a determining factor in cost, but responsibility as well. Gas and water providers are usually responsible for leaks and repairs on the incoming side of the meter; while the homeowner is responsible for damage on the outgoing side. Repairs on the receiving end of service “kitchen, bathroom, laundry room” always belong to the homeowner, and repairs of this nature can cost anywhere from $139 to $538 or more.


Water Pipe Repairs

Severe cold weather is by far the worst enemy of water pipes. Each year thousands of homes, hotels, motels, and every type of water supplied building, require a plumber’s expertise to replace burst pipes and fittings. If these leaks are not found immediately they can lead to visible water damage that can cost thousands to repair. Clogged pipes are also a common problem and require special attention. These types of repairs are often more costly than new construction and remodeling jobs because of accessibility and labor time. A new plumbing job that costs $380 could easily run $107 to $538 to replace burst pipes.


Gas Pipe Repair

While gas pipe repair and replacement is not as time consuming as water pipe repair, it does have unique safety requirements. Do-it-yourself installation of gas pipe is highly discouraged, and can lead to fire and death when improperly installed. Repairing or installing gas line to a single appliance or heating system will generally cost between $133 to $538.


In many cases there is no avoiding the cost of a badly needed project. Plumbing, gas furnaces and water heaters, are just a few of the necessities that must be workable, for a livable home. Eventually, you have to bite the bullet, and replace the pipes. From a historical point of view, there is no time like the present. Prices are sure to rise in the future, and take more of your hard earned cash if you wait.

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