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How Much Does Playground Equipment Assembly Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > How Much Does Playground Equipment Assembly Cost?
How Much Does Playground Equipment Assembly Cost?

Adding playground equipment to your yard can provide unlimited entertainment for your children. When properly assembled, you can be assured of the safety of your play equipment and can expect it to last many years. The size and features of your playground will influence the complexity of the installation, while ground conditions may influence assembly methods and materials. Discuss the characteristics of your yard as well as the equipment with your installer to plan for variables that may affect the cost of the project.

Average Prices

Equipment Features

Play equipment is available from a number of retailers and custom builders, with a vast array of features to entertain and challenge kids of many ages. The features on your set will influence the cost of installation, since some items may be delivered partially assembled while others might have complex construction requirements. Playgrounds with typical features are generally uncomplicated, but adding certain elements has a direct effect on installation costs. Assembling playground equipment with a slide costs an average of $194, compared to $216 for a set with bars, $247 with a climbing wall, $268 for a playground with a rope climb, and $307 to include an elevated walkway. The size and complexity of each feature will help determine the time and skill needed for assembly.


Installing Playground Equipment on Soft Surfaces

The manufacturer of your playground equipment may have specific recommendations for ground preparation, post foundations, and safety surfaces depending on the material at your installation site. Methods and materials may vary to accommodate specifications, affecting assembly rates accordingly. Nationally, the average cost for setting up a swing set or play yard on grass is $241, while the process may cost $268 on dirt, $317 with gravel, and $256 in sand. Discuss preparation techniques with your installer to determine how working with your ground surface will influence the difficulty of the job.


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Installing Playground Equipment on Hard Surfaces

Installation of most play equipment on hard surfaces is discouraged, but if your placement options are limited to locations with hard ground cover, selecting, installing, and maintaining an appropriate safety surface is essential to create a safe play environment. The size and type of your playground equipment will help determine what anchoring system is appropriate for an installation on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt, with related drilling and digging influencing the cost of assembly. Assembling playground equipment on a concrete surface may cost from $342 to $617, depending on the type and amount of ground preparation that is required.


Planning for Playground Equipment Assembly

Whether a simple swing set or an elaborate custom play structure, building a playground in your yard is a sure way to improve your family’s use of outdoor living areas. Your retailer or contractor can help determine how the location of your playground equipment will affect the time and skill needed for installation, and can recommend effective surface materials to improve safety around the structure. A professional builder or installer can have your structure ready for play in a matter of hours, built according to manufacturer’s standards for use and safety.

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