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Pool Deck Installation Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Deck & Porch > Pool Deck Installation Guide
Pool Deck Installation Guide

Installing a pool deck is not a weekend project unless you want to change the rules of the game and define “weekend” as about six-or-seven days. Even if you could change the hands of time, you still are going to be faced with the question: What kind of deck do I want?


Let’s look at four types of pool decks you can think about before messing with the future.

    Installing a pool deck is not a weekend project unless you want to define “weekend” as about six-or-seven days.
  1. 1.Concrete Decks

    These types of decks are best suited for pools that are nestled deep in the ground. Generally, they are around 4-to-5 feet wide and they usually are included when you hire a contractor to construct a backyard watering hole.

  2. 2.Bricks or Stone Paver Decks

    Using materials like these can work for both kinds of pools. You also have many choices of shapes and designs you can create when laying them.

  3. 3.Wooden Decks

    The cheapest of the lot are pressure-treated wood. Whether its pine, redwood or cedar, these types are ideal for above-ground pools.

  5. 4.Composite Decks

    Think of this as faux wood, which is also perfect for pools above the surface. Composite decks come in the same shapes as wood boards. The big advantage is that they are decay-resistant. The frame will be the only pressure-treated wood brought into play. Everything else is composite product. Another plus – no splinters.

  6. 5.Building an Above-Ground Composite Deck

    You’re going to need to head to the big box hardware store for supplies. Here’s what you should purchase, based on the measurements you’ve already taken: Pressure-treated 2-by-4s; 4-by-4s; and composite, vinyl or metal decking sized 5/4-by-6-inch. You’ll also want to grab some decking screws and carriage bolts.


    Start by making two frames with the 2-by-4s. For this exercise, let’s say they measure 4-by-6 feet. They will sit on top the 4-by-4 platform legs. Put your decking in place and connect it to the frame. Plug in the circular saw. Cut the stuff that sticks over-the-edge to be flush to the sides of the frame.


    Make a portion that will fit between those two sections. It should be wedge-shaped. Assuming that your pool is 30-feet across, the 2-by-4 frame will be tailored from 33-inches to 6-inches. Is the pool 18-feet across? Taper it to 42-inches. What you’re trying to do is make sure that the wedge fits the curve of the pool. You want the wedge about 6-feet long so it fits snugly between the two pieces of the already assembled deck.


    At this point, you want to affix the decking across the wedge. Now, collect some carriage bolts and attach the wedge part and the rectangular section on the 4-by-4 legs. The lip of the pool should align to the deck’s topside. To make things secure, bolt every section of the frames to one another.

  7. 6.Cautions

    Look to your local building department to see if you need to get a permit. Likewise, check into regulations and requirements you must follow when erecting such a structure. Plan to seal the wood every spring before the swimming season begins.


    Finally, you might want to put up a fence to keep the critters out of your pool. By critters, we mean your next door neighbor’s kids.

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