How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost?

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How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost?

Power washing is an efficient way to remove mold, grime, and dirt from a number of exterior surfaces. Whether for periodic cleaning or to prepare a surface for a new finish, a pressure washing provider can save you time and effort on many maintenance projects.


Service Location

The location and type of surface to clean will influence prices for power washing, since some applications may require cleaning solutions, special equipment, or extra time. Your contractor can explain how the location and type of your surface affect costs, but on average, washing a sidewalk may cost $116, compared to $182 for a driveway, $123 for a walkway, $214 for a patio or deck and $312 for the exterior of a building.


Cost to Pressure Wash Home and Business

The size and features of apartment and business properties often vary from those of most homes, with larger parking areas, walkways and buildings. While the average power washing service on a home may cost $238, similar services may cost $184 at an apartment building or $273 at a commercial location.


Surface Material

The characteristics of different surface materials may require special supplies or techniques which can result in varied pricing. Nationally, the average price for pressure washing concrete is $222, $257 for brick, and $278 for pavers. Natural and more delicate surfaces may require additional equipment and time, costing $222 to clean exposed aggregate, $218 for flagstone, $284 for slate and $248 for wood surfaces.


Size of Surface

While the type and location of your surface are important in determining the requirements for a pressure washing job, the overall size of the surface is often the basis for pricing the project. Powering washing 100 square feet or less may cost $118, while prices average $207 for cleaning an area of 100-200 square feet, $249 for 200-300 square feet, $314 for 300-400 square feet and $408 for areas of 400-500 square feet.


Building Height

Power washing the exterior of a building is an excellent way to clean siding and masonry or help prepare it for a new finish. The number of floors in a building affects the cost to clean it, since accessing higher levels may require the use of staging, a lift, or special safety and access equipment. Cleaning the exterior of a building may cost $208 for a single level and $286 for two stories, while extra considerations are reflected in average prices of $347 for three story buildings and $502 for four levels or more.


Power Washing Services

Power washing is a fast and economical way to clean a number of surfaces at your home. Planning for location, surface, size, and height can help you anticipate the difficulty and expense of your project. Locate a pressure washing service professional to help you with your project today.

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