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How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost?

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How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost?

Power or pressure washing is an efficient way to remove mold, grime, and dirt from a number of exterior surfaces. Whether for periodic cleaning or to prepare a surface for a new finish, a pressure washing provider can save you time and effort on many maintenance projects. The nature and scale of the job will affect costs, which can range from $75 to spruce up a sidewalk or small driveway to $500 or more to clean the entire exterior of a home. Most service pros charge a minimum fee of $50 to $100 for every call and flat rate or square foot pricing, depending on the nature of the job.

Average Prices

Types of Service

The location and type of surface to clean will influence prices for power washing, since some applications may require cleaning solutions, special equipment, heated water, or extra time. Your contractor can explain how the location and type of your surface affect costs, but on average, washing a solid hard surface such as a patio or sidewalk may cost 10 to 20 cents per square foot compared to 30 to 60 cents to clean wood decks, brick, siding, and roofs.



The size and features of apartment and business properties ae often quite different from those of most homes. Larger parking areas, walkways and buildings, and access or scheduling limitations, can make the work challenging. While the average power washing service on a home’s exterior may cost $350, similar services may cost $600 - $1,200 at an apartment or commercial building, depending on its size and features.


Building Height

Power washing the exterior of a building is an excellent way to clean siding and masonry or help prepare it for a new finish. The number of floors in a building affects the cost to clean it, since accessing higher levels may require the use of staging, a lift, or special safety and access equipment. Cleaning the exterior of a building may cost $200 or so for a single level and $350 - $400 for two stories, while extra considerations for cleaning a three-story building could raise costs well over $500.


Cost Comparisons

Low Average High
$65 - $125 $150 - $300 $500 - $1,200

The cost of pressure washing can vary with the type of surface involved, as well as the time and care required to get the job done. Our examples show a few common maintenance scenarios.

Just Cleaning Up a Bit: $65 - $125

  • • Surface: Pressure washing a concrete driveway or front walk is an easy way to brighten up the landscape.
  • • Services: This is a straightforward maintenance job that calls for basic cleaners and equipment. A pro can finish in no time.

Seasonal Clean and Prep Work: $150 - $300

  • • Surface: A good cleaning can keep a vinyl fence or deck looking new, and may be an important step in preparing a wood surface for new paint.
  • • Services: While cleaning vinyl or PVC material is pretty simple, it takes care and skill to pressure wash wood without damaging it. It’s worth paying a few extra cents per foot to make sure the job is done right.

All-Over Refresher: $500 - $1,200

  • • Surface: Cleaning the entire exterior of a home is a big job, but can leave the place looking like new. Pressure washing everything from the house to the driveway means a pro may need to clean a combination of wood, masonry, vinyl, and other materials.
  • • Services: It will take time to switch nozzles and cleaners to get the best results on every aspect of the job. If there’s some ladder work, the extra equipment and risk involved will increase the bottom line.

Power Washing Services

Pressure washing is a fast and economical way to clean a number of surfaces at your home. Planning for location, surface, size, and height can help you anticipate the difficulty and expense of the job. Locate a qualified and insured pressure washing service pro to help you with your project today.

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