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Pros and Cons of Cement Siding

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Pros and Cons of Cement Siding

The choices and options in siding materials are many – there’s something for every budget. When you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting siding for your home, explore the possibility of cement siding. Although this siding originated with asbestos-cement materials many years ago, the current cement siding does not present the same health risks.


As you learn about cement siding, check the Minnesota Sustainable Housing Initiative website for insightful information about this material. There are benefits with choosing and installing cement siding on your home. Armed with the pros and cons of cement siding, you’ll be ready to make an informed decision about the type of siding you want for your home.

  1. 1.Maintenance

    Although the long-term benefits of cement siding can make it an advantageous choice, the initial expense can be prohibitive.

    Compared to other common types of house siding, cement siding needs less maintenance. Cement siding may be installed pre-primed and painted or you may need to prime it and paint it after installation. The pre-primed and painted cement siding usually has an exceptional surface warranty that ensures that the surface will stay attractive for up to 25 years without needing additional coats of paint. Generally, cement siding only requires power washing once or twice a season to keep it clean.

  2. 2.Strength and Durability

    Cement siding will withstand decay and fungus without rotting or decomposing like wood often does. In addition, burrowing insects such as termites and carpenter ants cannot damage cement siding. Cement siding even withstands weather damage much more effectively than all other types of siding. Even fire will not create the same significant damage to cement siding, compared to standard siding such as wood and vinyl. If you live in a region that experiences hot and humid weather, cement siding can be beneficial because the siding will not rot with in moist weather conditions.

  3. 3.Appearance

    Manufacturers can create a variety of different styles and appearances with cement siding. Generally, cement siding contains cement, cellulose and sand, combined and then formed into the siding panels. For example, cement siding comes in assorted colors and styles, including clapboard, stucco, brick and stone. Even the clapboard panels can show a smooth surface or a textured wood grain with a natural pattern.

  5. 4.Installation

    Cement siding panels are heavy and bulky, especially when compared with lightweight vinyl siding panels. You may have difficulty finding a contractor with the experience and knowledge necessary to install cement siding. Because of the weight and bulk of cement siding panels, homeowners may not be able to perform a do-it-yourself project to install this type of siding on a home. Professional cement siding installation companies generally have special equipment and tools to lift and position the heavy panels onto the sides of the house during installation.

  6. 5.Price

    Although the long-term benefits of cement siding can make it an advantageous choice, the initial expense can be prohibitive. Installing cement siding costs more in both labor and materials compared to other types of siding materials. Weigh these initial costs against the reduced maintenance costs you will incur and the longer life of cement siding, however. With an analytical examination of the pros and cons of cement siding, you can make an informed decision about the best siding for your home.

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