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Pros and Cons of Copper Sinks

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > Pros and Cons of Copper Sinks
Pros and Cons of Copper Sinks

Albeit copper is currently being used in plenty of applications and has been for many decades. Its use has always been more prominent in other fields than being used as sinks and basins in homes and commercial buildings. More recently, this aesthetically appealing metal has become all the rage in the home improvement segment. The rich color and glorious appeal of a copper sink has made it an exquisite alternative to conventional stainless steel or porcelain varieties. Not only do copper sinks add a dash of pizzazz to your kitchen or bathroom, but also enhance the ornamental value of your home.

  1. The rich color and glorious appeal of a copper sink has made it an exquisite alternative to conventional stainless steel or porcelain varieties.

    1.A Full Understanding

    If you are planning to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, or seeking to enhance these areas with minimal changes overall, a gorgeous copper sink should do the trick. Nonetheless, copper as a metal has its share of benefits and drawbacks, and it is imperative that you consider both sides of the coin before you spend your hard earned money buying a copper sink. After all, you don’t want to make an unenlightened choice only by considering how stunning the copper sink looked at the store! Doesn’t everything look better in the store?

  2. 2.Sanitation

    According to the EPA and the Copper Development Association, “Antimicrobial copper surfaces must not be waxed, painted, lacquered, varnished, or otherwise coated. Routine cleaning to remove dirt and filth is necessary for good sanitation and to assure the effective antibacterial performance of an antimicrobial copper alloy surface.” If you are turned off by the job killing EPA, do not be, they seem to be on the right side on this one. Furthermore, regular cleaning agents that are used to clean conventional surfaces work fine on copper sinks as well; you need to select a suitable cleaning agent depending upon the sort of grime present and the standard of sanitization needed.

  3. 3.Pros of Copper Sinks

    When it comes to glamour and good looks, copper sinks are eternally alluring. However, that is not the only factor in the favor of copper. There is a barrage of other benefits that you can enjoy by installing a stylish copper sink in your kitchen.


    1. Copper sinks are the most popular for their aesthetic beauty. They exude a distinctive style that is sure to make your kitchen or bathroom appear more upbeat and fresh. Often, a copper sink is created from a single sheet, hammered and exposed to water and air to form patina. This gives a deep and enriched hue to the copper, which is fancied by hordes of customers. In case you prefer the original copper color, you can simply get it coated to preserve that color.


    2. Copper metal has a bevy of essential antimicrobial properties, which makes it an enviable choice for kitchen sinks. In traditional sink materials, harmful bacteria can survive for weeks, causing significant hazards to human health. However, in copper sinks, bacteria tend to die within a couple of hours. They are particularly for people who soak vegetables or wash dishes regularly in their sink, which is pretty much everyone.


    3. One of the best features about copper sinks is that they are available in a variety of styles, offering ample choice for people to pick one they like. As per your taste, you can choose copper sinks with a smooth finish or a hammered out one. And if you prefer uniqueness, there are copper sinks with artistic designs. However, sinks with an array of different copper tones are also available.


    4. Another advantage of copper sinks is that they do not corrode or rust over extensive usage or with time. The anti-rusting property of copper makes it an ideal choice for any sink.

  5. 4.Cons of Copper Sinks

    Copper sinks have certain cons as well, which need to be scrutinized in order to make an informed choice.


    1. One of the major problems with copper sinks is that their reactivity is very high which causes the metal to darken over time. Copper sinks easily stain as well. Furthermore, the patina of the copper sink can become damaged due to acidic liquids such as orange or lemon juice, and even toothpaste. A hot utensil or abrasive cleaners can also cause damage to the smooth or hammered finish of copper sinks.


    2. The lower-gauge models can easily warp and dent, needing a repair or replacement in a short time span, which can be expensive.


    3. Maintaining copper sinks is also laborious and time-consuming. After every use, you have to dry the sink with a towel to prevent water spots from developing. Frequent cleaning with water and basic or gentle soap is also essential to keep the finish intact. You have to periodically wax and shower the copper sink to retain its shine and appeal.


    4. Copper sinks are more expensive than traditional sinks such as stainless steel, porcelain, or ceramic ones.


    Shopping for a copper sink can be exciting. If you’ve decided that a copper sink belongs in your kitchen, research this product and material and make the purchase. You will not be the first one but they are still rare enough. Your kitchen may just sparkle even more than it does now!

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