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Pros and Cons of Custom Closets

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Carpentry > Pros and Cons of Custom Closets
Pros and Cons of Custom Closets

When it comes to closet space you must consider the pros and cons of custom closets before you embark on a remodeling mission. You can always make more space by streamlining your closet space, but you need to think about your needs both now and in the future. You don’t want to take all the time to reorganize and rebuild only to end up in the same position a few years later.


Zoning rules in cities sometimes dictate what you can and cannot do. You may need to pull a permit depending on how big your closet remodel is. If you are working with the existing space, you usually don’t but it is worth looking into the ordinances for your area.

  1. One of the biggest pros of custom closets is making the most efficient use of space.

    1.Pro: Efficient Use of Space

    One of the biggest pros of custom closets is making the most efficient use of space. You can design the layout to accommodate the clothing and things you need to store in the space. You do need to be careful not to make it too “custom” as you will likely change the things you have as time goes on, leave yourself room to grow.

  2. 2.Pro: Add Value to Your Home

    Custom closets add value to your home. When and if you ever decide to sell, this can be a major selling point. Places with proper closet space are often more desirable than those who have older, smaller closets.

  3. 3.Pro: Designed for Your Things

    Custom closets are designed for your things. This can be complicated because if you make it too specific it may not be appealing to others if you ever sell your home. You should try and make your closet suited for different arrangements of shelves. This will accommodate you as your life changes and be more appealing to those who may be buying your home later.

  5. 4.Con: Encourages Keeping things You Don’t Need

    Custom closets can make clutter worse instead of better. The ability to throw things in the space tends to encourage the idea of keeping things you don’t really need any more. Even with the added custom space you still need to make sure you go through your belongings every once in awhile and get rid of things you are no longer using.

  6. 5.Con: Can be Expensive

    Custom closets can be quite expensive. It is one thing if you are just adding pieces or shelves on your own, it is another if you are building in permanent structures. You have to consider the cost before you begin and whether the added value is really worth what you are spending.


    Custom closets are usually something that is worth it for most people, but there are a number of ways to do it. You should research your options to get the most value for your money. In the end you should be able to organize your space in a more effective and efficient manner.

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