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Pros and Cons of Hurricane Shutters

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > Pros and Cons of Hurricane Shutters
Pros and Cons of Hurricane Shutters

If you live in an area at risk from hurricanes, one of the important safeguards you must have for your home is hurricane shutters. These shutters protect fragile windows from shattering due to high winds and debris common during hurricanes.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recommends that people living in coastal counties from Maine down to Texas install hurricane shutters to protect glass areas on homes from breakage. Not only will glass breakage damage homes, but flying glass can also be deadly.


Explore the pros and cons of hurricane shutters to determine whether this investment suits your needs for your geographical location.

  1. You may need assistance installing plastic shutters and these shutters also require storage space when you’re not using them.

    1.Benefits of Hurricane Shutters

    When you live in coastal areas that may experience severe winds and raging weather, hurricane shutters can provide many benefits.


    • Eliminate Glass Breakage – With hurricane shutters in place over your glass doors and windows, you won’t have to worry about storms breaking the glass on your home.

    • Prevent Injury – Flying glass can cause serious injuries and even death to people in the path of the glass.

    • Installation – By installing hurricane shutters prior to the hurricane season, you won’t have to scramble to install them when a storm is approaching. Many types of hurricane shutters have simple designs that enable one person to maneuver them into place.

    • Resale Factor – When your home features hurricane shutters, you improve its value when selling. Prospective buyers will appreciate the fact that your home has hurricane shutters.

  3. 2.Disadvantages of Hurricane Shutters

    Although hurricane shutters are an important feature to prevent injury and property damage, there are disadvantages of various types of hurricane shutters as well.


    • Plywood Shutters – Although inexpensive, plywood shutters are very heavy and you’ll probably need help installing them. Installation takes time and you should also check local building codes to ensure that you can use plywood shutters. In addition, you’ll need ample storage for plywood shutters and they block light completely.

    • Metal Shutters – Metal shutters are significantly more expensive than plywood shutters. They also require storage when not using them and they will block light completely when in place.

    • Fabric Shutters – Fabric shutters can be exceedingly effective for preventing damage, but they are also very expensive.

    • Plastic Shutters – Plastic will allow light through windows and doors, but plastic is also expensive. You may need assistance installing plastic shutters and these shutters also require storage space when you’re not using them.


    The key to an effective hurricane shutter system is advance planning and an understanding of how your shutter system works. Some shutters may install and stay in place when you’re not using them. These shutters are often expensive, but the benefit is that you may be able to operate these shutters yourself to position them in place before a storm. These shutters would be ideal for someone who cannot install other types of shutters on a home.


    As you explore the many options in hurricane shutters, select shutters that fit your needs and your budget. Many advances in hurricane shutters are occurring with shutters having better designs that are easier to install and use.

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