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Pros and Cons of Incinerating Toilets

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > Pros and Cons of Incinerating Toilets
Pros and Cons of Incinerating Toilets

If you know nothing of the pros and cons of incinerating toilets you may think this is about burning commodes. Really it is about toilets that require no water and incinerate the waste put in bowl producing a sterile ash that can be thrown away. As you can imagine the environmental impact is tremendous, but as with anything there is the good and the bad.

  1. Some argue that one of the cons of incinerating toilets is that no nutrients enter the soil or surrounding areas.

    1.Pro: Can be Set Up Anywhere

    Due to the fact incinerating toilets actually burn and get rid of all waste, you can literally set it up anywhere. There is no need for the permanent plumbing placement and you can even move it around just as you would a chair. This gives you the ultimate control over where you want your toilet to be.

  2. 2.Pro: Uses No Water

    Incinerating toilets require no water. This is good for the environment, as you are not using water for waste. It also does not put the waste into the environment or into the waterways. You are able to have indoor “plumbing” even if there is no water line to the house, makes it great for a cabin or even a travel trailer.

  3. 3.Pro: Odorless When Compared to Storage Portable Toilets

    The only other type of toilet that is used without moving water are portable storage toilets. These toilets are often quite odorous because of the presence of sitting waste. Incinerating toilets get rid of the waste immediately and there is no odor left behind.

  5. 4.Con: No Nutrients for the Environment

    Some argue that one of the cons of incinerating toilets is that no nutrients enter the soil or surrounding areas. Human waste holds many nutrients that can be good for replenishing the surrounding areas and growing crops. While it needs to be treated, waste is not all bad and incinerating toilets get rid of all the positives.

  6. 5.Con: Higher Energy Costs

    Incinerating toilets require either electricity or propane in order to burn the waste. This can lead to higher energy costs, which usually outweighs the cost of the water used in tanked toilets. Over time, this added cost can truly add up.

If you've decided to purchase an incinerating toilet, hire a professional to help with your new toilet installation.

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