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Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Flooring > Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring
Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring

Want the look of stone or hardwood flooring? Try using a laminate. It’s cheaper and much easier to clean and maintain. Laminate flooring is fairly simple to install when compared to its more real counterparts.


Popular brands of laminate flooring include Pergo, Bruce, Armstrong, and Shaw.

  1. 1.Pros: Price

    When you add-up the savings, simplicity in installation and variety, it could be a winner for your flooring needs.

    Laminate flooring is cheaper and easier to install than hardwood flooring. If you want to go this way, you’ll shell-out around $2 per square foot. This material can be installed on top of practically any existing floor. You can get it in a tongue-and-groove system that requires no glue.


    As with any type of flooring, the costs of the product and labor are counted, but sometimes people forget to factor-in demolition, preparation, delivery and disposing of the old flooring materials.

  2. 2.Pros: Installation

    DIYers love this product because of how easy it can be to install. In just a weekend, you can set-down about 300-square feet of laminate flooring. Back in the day, you had to glue each piece together. Things have changed in the more newer systems. Currently, some interlocking planks work with the dry glue that’s already been painted on the slots of the individual pieces. All you need to do is have a moist sponge on hand to make the glue sticky before fitting one into the other.

  3. 3.Pros: Durability

    Laminate flooring is extremely dent-resistant and handles scratches well, too. If you have pets, kids and high-traffic areas in your house, this material is a must. On the very surface, there’s a protective layer that shields the photographic part underneath. Generally, you’ll get up to a 10-year warranty on the so-called “wear layer.”

  4. 4.Pros: Easy To Clean

    Laminates are not fussy like real wood. You’re won’t need any special soap or unusual tools to keep it clean. Sweep it up with a broom or simply vacuum the surface. Use a slightly damp mop to wash it down. There’s no need to ever wax it, either.


    If you drop a glass of wine or a cup of coffee on your laminate flooring, simply wipe it up. It won’t hold a stain because the surface of it is so durable.

  5. 5.Cons: Warping

    Into every life a little rain must fall. Especially if it falls on a laminate. While the materials that make up the planks are moisture resistant, in places where there’s continuous high-moisture, the floors are prone to warping.


    Standing pools of water are bad news for any type of flooring. An actual hardwood floor, if it gets warped, can be sanded and refinished. You can’t do that with laminates.

  6. 6.Cons: Noisy

    When looking into floor covering to mute sound, laminate flooring is high on the disadvantages list. When you walk on it, it has a tendency to sound hollow. You can spring for the added expense of installing an acoustic undercoating; it’s still not going to completely eliminate the clicking and clacking.

  7. 7.Cons: Other Considerations

    Some people hate the fact that it’s not real wood. There are wood chips used in the process, but that’s it. Laminate floors will give your home’s value a higher price tag when you stack it against wall-to-wall carpeting. But buyers can usually tell the difference between faux and natural materials.


    Finally, the surface can be quite slippery. When you’re in the market for this type of material, look for slip-resistant laminate flooring.


    Nothing replaces stone or hardwood better than the natural stuff. Laminates get close to it. When you add-up the savings, simplicity in installation and variety, it could be a winner for your flooring needs.

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