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Pros and Cons or Indoor Hot Tubs

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Pool and Hot Tub > Pros and Cons or Indoor Hot Tubs
Pros and Cons or Indoor Hot Tubs

Perhaps the biggest con of all when deciding to put your hot tub inside or out is the most practical. If the thing won’t fit through the largest door portal or you won’t be able to negotiate the hallways while bringing it to its final resting spot, the decision has been made.


Hot tubs are one of the best hydrotherapy devices. They deliver benefits like nutrients and oxygen to tight muscles. The pulsating water relieves stress and causes your blood vessels to open more widely which speeds-up blood flow. But purchasing one is a major investment.

  1. 1.Indoor Hot Tubs: Pros

    The pulsating [hot tub] water relieves stress and causes your blood vessels to open more widely which speeds-up blood flow.

    The biggest advantage to having an indoor hot tub is that you’ll be able to use it 12-months a year. If you live in warmer climates, this may not be an issue. For the folks who have to endure cold temperatures and snow, this maximizes your investment.


    Not only will it be accessible for full-time use, but even when you’re not enjoying the water directly, you’ll get the benefit of moist heat in surrounding rooms. One of the major causes of sinus matters (in gas and electric heat-fed houses) are that that type of heat dries out the environment. Hot tubs can help alleviate that problem. When not in use, think of it as a gigantic humidifier.


    Having the mini-pool indoors also solves the privacy concerns.


    By having your hot tub under your roof, you’ll add extra years to its lifetime. Just the wear-and-tear of an outdoor environment can restrict its longevity.

  2. 2.Indoor Hot Tubs: Cons

    As we mentioned off-the-top, if it won’t fit through the largest entryway, you’re either going to need to knock-out a wall to get it inside or build an addition to your existing home.


    Weight of the unit should be a top consideration when installing a hot tub. For instance, a 3-person tub tips the scale at around a ton. Can your floor handle the additional pounds?


    If costs are an issue, indoor hot tubs are going to cause you to shell-out more money to put it in. And the advantage of having a huge humidifier in your room can quickly become sour when the heat it radiates makes your air conditioner siphon-off more money from your wallet.


    That translates to purchasing a ventilation system to pull most of the moisture outside. Unchecked, it not only can create a steamy situation in the summer months, it could also cause mold, mildew and other house-wrecking problems.

  3. 3.In or Out Matters

    Whether you keep your hot tub inside or out, there is a downside to purchasing a fully foam-insulated spa. It shows up in the form of a leak underneath the product. Finding the origin of the drip can become a true pain-in-the-neck since water can route itself through the foam and show up on the opposite end from where it came.


    Finding yourself in this situation will further empty your pocketbook, no matter where you set your hot tub. You’ll have to yank out the foam to find the source. More money spent on something that was supposed to give you pleasure.


    Having your very own indoor hot tub is probably one of the most costly, single item accessories you’ll ever bring into your home. Knowing the pros and cons will help you make your investment less stressful. And isn’t that one of the reasons to buy a hot tub anyway?

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